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Week of 11 March 1929

Monday, 11 March
The Wilderness
Clouds very low in the morning but as it showed signs of clearing we took our lunch with us and hired a boat and rowed to the "Ebb and Flow" - a river that runs with the lagoon here. It was the most beautiful place we have seen out here. Magnificent trees on each side, myriads of plants of all sorts, some still in flower, huge butterlies, swifts, swallows and all sorts of birds, some in song. We paddled slowly along with our feet over the side of the boat. Got out and lunched beside a tiny cataract? On the way back rowed up river. A most lovely day and not too hot.
Tuesday, 12 March
Made arrangements about hotel accommodation at Knysna by telephone and wrote letters and planned future travels. Lunched in hotel and after tea took a walk along the shore and paddled. A small shark appeared close in when we were paddling. I had a long talk after dinner with Capt. Owen who is blind and minus one arm from an explosion in the mines on the Rand, and who served in Boer War and Great War.
Wednesday, 13 March
A lovely day. We took our lunch out and rowed in a boat up to Ebb and Flow, where we had lunch. We walked along a forest path towards the waterfall.
Thursday, 14 March
Wilderness - Knysna, Royal Hotel
We left Wilderness 9.45 am and drove with all our luggage except deck chair to Knysna. A most lovely drive. Very hot when we stopped half way to have tea - the scenery beautiful - as we climbed up 1000 feet and could see for very many miles in the clear African atmosphere.
It was very hot and so we kept in our room till 5 pm.
Friday, 15 March
Knysna, Cape Province
We left in car with a Miss Pratt and driven by Mr Hildebrand and did a tour through forest via King Edward VII Tree, Buffalo Hoek, Klein River. Lunched at Reade's Farm. Took motor boat trip up Kenuboom? River, then to Beacon Islet in Plettenberg? Bay, then to Bracken Hills? on to the Falls. Heard baboons barking. Saw "Garden of Eden" scenic reserve. Altogether a most enjoyable drive  through wonderful scenery of all kinds with views of whole chains of mountains.
Saturday, 16 March
Knysna - Oudtskoorn, Queen's Hotel
We left Knysna by the 6.45 am train with several others, most of whom got out at the Wilderness. We were handed our letters here, also a cable from Gran, Pippa and Betty. The train journey across the mountains was fine, rather spoiled by the clouds on the highest parts. Lunched in train in restaurant car.
Very hot on arrival at Oudtskoorn.
Sunday, 17 March
After supper we walked in town and listened outside Anglican Presbyterian, High Church Wesleyan Church!! Some hymn singing in each!

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