Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Week of 1 September 1930

Thursday, 4 September
Edwardstone House
The result of the Oxford Local Examination for the School Certificate was received today. Wilma passed with Honours, First Class. This is vand ery good and she is of course delighted. She sent a telegram to Polly who replied at once. Distinction in French.

Saturday, 6 September
Edwardstone House - Burnham on Crouch
The four girls started off in Pippa's car about 10.45 for Horning, Norfolk, to live in a houseboat for a week.
Roddy and I left in our old Standard car at 10.50 and arrived at Burnham at 12.50. Went on board Smack? yacht
 "Martha" and had lunch, and then came ashore again later after tea to get a small table for the cabin and other items.

Sunday, 7 September
Burnham on Crouch - Pin Mill
Reached Harwich at 3 pm, Pin Mill at 5.30 pm where we anchored. Against the ebb into Harwich and up to Pin Mill.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week of 23 August 1930

Thursday, 26 August
Our Silver Wedding Day
The girls gave us a charming silver mustard pot, Cosh and Ursula  a silver bowl, Grant two fine quilts or eiderdowns. Polly had presents from Enid, Lil and Mabel and Eve.
Polly gave me a dressing gown. I gave her a leather coat. Lil, Enid and Mabel gave me each a book.
It was a happy day and I felt much better than I did 25 years ago, when I was suffering from suppressed enteric fever!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week of 30 December 1929

Monday, 30 December
I drove Betty to Colchester station for the 7.30 am train for London.
My 61st birthday. Polly gave me a tobacco jar made at British Legion workshop. Pippa an album to hold gramophone records, decorated with little coloured pictures cut out and stuck on of the French Army from early times.
Anne and Wilma gave me some lovely little lavender sachets and a calendar. Cosh wrote and offered to give me a golden cocker spaniel - which offer I have accepted with great pleasure.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week of 23 December 1929

Monday, 23 December
Polly, Pippa and Wilma drove to Ipswich in the Standard in the morning. I endeavoured to find holly with berries but the thrushes have cleared the trees in the last few days, leaving very few berries.
Tuesday, 24 December
Everyone very busy. Pippa, Anne and Wilma in feverish work in the Studio in afternoon. In morning, Anne, Wilma and I decorated the church with others. Later in afternoon we decorated the house with holly. Anne and Wilma went round the cottages in Sherbourne St and left the presents for the children. Polly and Wilma drove round and left the presents for the old people in the almshouses and others.
Pippa in her car with Anne and Wilma, and I in the Standard met Bet, Margot Osborne and Miss Maddock (all from London) at Sudbury Station at 8.15 pm. Train very late.
Wednesday, 25 December
Polly, Anne, Wilma and I to 8 am service at Edwardstone church, and at 11 am we all six of us plus Margot Osborne and Miss Maddock went to 11 am service. Wretchedly small congregation , no sermon.
We had a jolly Christmas Day. All the presents were placed in the Studio on various tables.
After dinner we had "dumbcrambo".

Week of 9 December 1929

Monday, 9 December
Carpenter and I dug a grave for Trotty in the meadow just beyond the tenniquoit court. We planted a large number of daffodil bulbs under the grass.
Saturday, 21 December
Poppy, Pippa, Anne and Wilma drove to Sudbury in the morning. Great activity all afternoon and evening tying up parcels, addressing envelopes for Christmas cards. All parcels and letters taken to the post by the girls in the car at 7 pm.
Anne appeared at dinner with her hair up.

Week of 4 November 1929

Monday, 4 November
A single house martin was seen flying about after lunch today.
Sunday, 17 November
I am reading The Good Companions by Priestley.
Friday, 6 December
Poor Trotty very poorly and lay about in garden all day, drank a bit of water.
Saturday, 7 December
Polly and I took Trotty into Sudbury and left her at Godbold the vet in Friar Street - poor old dog very weak. About 4 pm we had a telephone call from Godbold that Trottie could not recover and was only just alive.
I went in the car to Sudbury to meet Pippa by the 6.40 train and called first at Godbold's and took in the body of poor Trotty to be buried at home. We miss the little dog very much. She was born at Winkenhurst on 19 December 1919. Her father was "Major", Pippa's black spaniel.

Week of Monday 21 October 1929

Monday, 21 October
Had a nice letter from Travis? Trevor? Clarke offering to do his best to help Pippa find suitable employment.
Friday, 25 October
Polly attended Women's Meeting at the Village Hall, Edwardstone at 2 pm and gave a short address on The League of Nations.