Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week of 4 November 1929

Monday, 4 November
A single house martin was seen flying about after lunch today.
Sunday, 17 November
I am reading The Good Companions by Priestley.
Friday, 6 December
Poor Trotty very poorly and lay about in garden all day, drank a bit of water.
Saturday, 7 December
Polly and I took Trotty into Sudbury and left her at Godbold the vet in Friar Street - poor old dog very weak. About 4 pm we had a telephone call from Godbold that Trottie could not recover and was only just alive.
I went in the car to Sudbury to meet Pippa by the 6.40 train and called first at Godbold's and took in the body of poor Trotty to be buried at home. We miss the little dog very much. She was born at Winkenhurst on 19 December 1919. Her father was "Major", Pippa's black spaniel.

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