Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week of 23 December 1929

Monday, 23 December
Polly, Pippa and Wilma drove to Ipswich in the Standard in the morning. I endeavoured to find holly with berries but the thrushes have cleared the trees in the last few days, leaving very few berries.
Tuesday, 24 December
Everyone very busy. Pippa, Anne and Wilma in feverish work in the Studio in afternoon. In morning, Anne, Wilma and I decorated the church with others. Later in afternoon we decorated the house with holly. Anne and Wilma went round the cottages in Sherbourne St and left the presents for the children. Polly and Wilma drove round and left the presents for the old people in the almshouses and others.
Pippa in her car with Anne and Wilma, and I in the Standard met Bet, Margot Osborne and Miss Maddock (all from London) at Sudbury Station at 8.15 pm. Train very late.
Wednesday, 25 December
Polly, Anne, Wilma and I to 8 am service at Edwardstone church, and at 11 am we all six of us plus Margot Osborne and Miss Maddock went to 11 am service. Wretchedly small congregation , no sermon.
We had a jolly Christmas Day. All the presents were placed in the Studio on various tables.
After dinner we had "dumbcrambo".

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