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Week of 4 March 1929

Wednesday, 6 March 1929
Hermanus – Capetown
We left in a big S.A.R. motor bus at 10.30 am down to BOT River Station, and after an hour’s wait took train to CAPE TOWN. Very interesting journey over Sir Lowry’s Pass. Left our luggage at station in CAPE TOWN except suit case. Went to Royal Hotel in Plein Street. Arranged about next day’s journey with Railway Tourist Dept. Too late for shops. Fireworks in evening at pier  but we did not attend. Polly sent off picture post cards to servants and others. Noise in streets considerable at night. We visited the Municipal Gardens and the Mount Nelson Hotel before dinner.
Clouds over Table Mountain.
Thursday, 7 March
Capetown – In the train
I visited Standard Bank and Cook’s and got cash. It was raining all morning. Left By 1.25 train  with a whole 1st class carriage to ourselves. Had tea and dinner in restaurant car. Very interesting journey with many halts at stations, e.g. Wellington (fruit area), Worcester, etc. Wonderful scenery all along. We sat for some time on seats on platform outside at far end of our carriage. Saw some ostriches.
Beds made down at 8 pm.
Mr Boardman and Miss Macdonald of the Isles were in the train.

Friday, 8 March
In the train - The Wilderness, C.P.
Rain during the  night. Polly did not sleep well for the first part of the  night. Breakfast in the train. A halt of half an hour at Mossel Bay and then on to George where our coach was detached and put on to another train to put us to The Wilderness, a wonderful newly made railway. We found the Wilderness very interesting. Were given a “RANDOVEL” on our room, a model building of our room with our door and our window and a thatched roof.
We had lunch and then hired a boat for a row and had tea at Fairey Knowe on the bank of the lagoon. The lagoon and river extend for miles more or less parallel to the sea. Clouds over Table Mountain.

Saturday, 9 March
Polly had breakfast in bed and when she was up we went for a lovely walk and saw some interesting flowers, plants and insects

Sunday, 10 March
We sat and read in the hotel till nearly lunch time. In the afternoon we went for a long walk along the road towards George. The fishing today left much to be desired! Great gathering of swallows. As one walks across the grass the swallows fly between us almost touching the ground to catch the small grasshoppers that are disturbed by one's feet. Hymn singing after dinner in the evening.

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