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Week of 18 March 1929

Monday, 18 March
Oudtskoorn - George
Sent off our trunks and deck chairs by train. I went with a Mr and Mrs Ross in a car to the Cargo? Caves about 14 miles off - met some baboons on the road. The caves are wonderful and extend for miles; about a mile is lighted up with electric lights. Very hot walk climbing, with inumerable stalactites and stalagmites.
After lunch Polly and I left in a car for George, arriving about 6 pm at the Victoria Hotel which is very comfortable. It was a magnificent drive across the Montague Pass. Very desolate on the north side of the mountain and very green and wooded on the south. We took a walk before dinner. Very attractive little town with all streets lined with ? of oak trees. We attended a cinema in the evening.

Montague Pass

Tuesday, 19 March
George - In the train
Lovely fresh morning. We looked at the Cathedral and walked about and then down to the station, and left by 11.10 am train for Capetown. Had a whole compartment (of 4 berths) reserved for us. Meals in restaurant car. Very interesting journey.

Wednesday, 20 March
Sea Point - Capetown
Breakfast in train - arrived Capetown 9.10 am, met by porter from Marion Hotel who took over all our baggage. We went to Cooks for our mail and to the Union Castle Agency to obtain our steamer ticket and then trammed to the Marion Hotel Sea Point and had baths.
In afternoon we went into Capetown and to Kirstenbosch and the Rhodes Monument.
Rhodes Memorial

Sea Point

Thursday, 21 March
Sea Point - Capetown
Polly and I trammed into Capetown after breakfast. Ordered boxes of fruit from the Wellington Fruit Stores to take with us on the boat.

Friday, 22 March
Sea Point, Capetown - RMS Walmer Castle
We sent off our luggage by hotel porter about 10 am and left the hotel about 10.30 and went into Capetown, bought some ostrich feather fans for the children. We went on board the Walmer Castle about 12.30 and unpacked some of our kit in our cabin - much smaller than the one we had in the Saxon.
A Major V.S.T. Fincken and Major T. Reay came on board to see me, both formerly in the Durham University OTC 1909-1913 with me. They presented me with a book A Tavern of the Ocean. I was very grateful to them for remembering me after all this time.
We left at 4 pm. Perfect weather and sea calm. Capetown and Table Mountain looking beautiful.

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