Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week of 24 December 1928

Tuesday, 25 December
Edwardstone House
Polly, Anne and I, with the two maids, to early service at 8 am.
At 11 am Polly, Betty, Anne, Wilma and I to Morning Service. No sermon.
We have a cold lunch, and the servants with Mr Grant and two children had their Xmas dinner  in ?
Our presents were laid out and opened in the studio after lunch.
We had Revd. A. Thurlow and his mother and sister for dinner, and played cards and dumbcrambo afterwards.
Pippa rang us up from Switzerland after 12 noon. Very hard to hear.
Thursday, 27 December
Wilma's weight 8 st. 13 lbs
Anne's weight 9 st. 10 lbs
on weighing machine in bathroom. Both in pyjamas.
Friday, 28 December
After lunch Betty and Wilma drove off to Ipswich. Wilma left Ipswich by train for London en route to Oxted? to stay with the Parkinsons; Betty went on to Sybil Porter for the night, and went to a dance  at Ipswich put on by the Sproughton? Beagles at the White Horse Hotel.
Sunday, 30 December
My 60th birthday. Presents from Polly (a book), Pippa and Betty (a gramophone record), Anne (ash trays) and Wilma (cosy for hot water jug).
Months, 31 December
We sat up and saw the New Year in, in the smoking room with the wireless.

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