Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week of 20 August 1928

Monday, 20 August
Edwardstone House
Betty had a capital letter from Pippa written on Saturday from Kandersteg.
Tuesday, 21 August
We played "dumb-crambo" after dinner.
Wednesday, 22 August
In afternoon a tennis tournament - 12 girls: our three, Charmian and 8 others from round about. Great fun.
Friday, 24 August
Edwardstone - Oakhurst, Bethersden, Kent
At 10.35 am I started off in the car with Anne, Wilma and Charmian for Bethersden. We arrived at Oakhurst about 4 pm. Had the beagles out with us.
Saturday, 25 August
Oakhurst, Bethersden
A fine day. Went out with beagles in the meadows and on side roads in the morning, and in afternoon went with Cosh to Ashford and a farm to see a man about a horse which Cosh had had on trial and returned. After tea Cosh and I walked about in the woods. Ursula took the three girls and a lady to Folkestone to a musical play.

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