Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week of 23 July 1928

Monday, 23 July
Edwardstone House
Polly had a telephone talk with Pippa who had been to the Lunn Offices and had two hours in the accountant's department and is to go to a fair? tomorrow morning. She is to leave London for Switzerland tomorrow afternoon.
Tuesday, 24 July
Polly and I worked in the garden and after tea Polly drove to Colchester to meet Betty who had come down from London after seeing Pippa off at Victoria for Kandersteg in Switzerland.
Wednesday, 25 July
Polly had a wire from Pippa in afternoon to say that she had arrived at Kandersteg and was at the Kurhaus - that "the beginning was difficult but funny".
Betty slept out of door tonight.
Thursday, 26 July
Polly met Anne and Wilma and a girl friend of Wilma's at Colchester on their arrival from the Manor House Schhol, Limpsfield.
Sunday, 29 July
In afternoon an American Tennis Tournament. I did worse than anyone!

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