Monday, December 20, 2010

Week of 9 January 1928

Tuesday, 10 January 1928
Edwardstone House
Polly and Betty drove to Rattlesden to see a cook at the house of Sparkes' brother - the cook was not at home - they visited old Mrs Sparkes.
Pippa and Wilma drove to Sudbury in the afternoon and left the Tods's trunks at station to go off as luggage in advance to Liverpool St for the school.
Pippa and Betty went to an afternoon dance at Groton Rectory.
Wednesday, 11 January
All four girls drove to meet of the Colchester Garrison Beagles at Stoke-by-Nayland.
Great Games of dumb crambo etc. after dinner.
Thursday, 12 January
Polly, Anne and Wilma left for London via Sudbury. Pippa drove them to the station for the 10.10 am train. Polly was to see the tods off by 5.45 train at Victoria for Ostend.

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