Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week of 1 January 1928

Sunday, 1 January 1928
Edwardstone House
In the House on this day:
Polly, Pippa, Betty, Anne, Wilma and myself.
Rosana? (the cook), Edith Mason (parlour maid), Winifred (house maid), Mrs Gart (daily help), "Trottie" the dog and "Tom" the cat!
Tuesday, 3 January
Pippa and Betty went off at 9 pm to a party at the Mackenzies at Polstead.
Wednesday, 4 January
Pippa and Betty got back from Polstead about 2 am.
The four girls went off in the car to a meet of the Colchester Garrison Beagles at Dedham, and got back about 5.30.
Thursday, 5 January
I cut down the last of the outdoor chrysanthemums and started taking down a sycamore tree in the shrubbery.  A few historical games invented by Betty played in evening.
Friday, 6 January
Polly went to a mothers' party" at Village Hall at 4.30. Till 7.45.
We played a treasure hunt game after dinner. Betty and Wilma went out for a bike ride in the morning.
Sunday, 8 January
Anne's 16th birthday. She had her presents hidden in different rooms about the house and Pippa made out a typed "treasure hunt" garden? for them.
In the evening we had various games in the drawing room.

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