Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week of 28 December 1928

Monday, 28 December
The children skied on the slopes behind the hotel morning and afternoon. I went for a bit of a walk with Polly to Villars to call on the misses Partridge. They were out.
We went to the Palais Hotel to arrange for a dancing lesson for Pippa tomorrow.
Wednesday, 30 December
We took our skis up to Les Escovets and skied till lunchtime. The two ?s arrived before lunch from ?? and went skiing with us at Les Escovets in afternoon. Polly and Nancy stayed at the hotel and walked to Villars and back. 
After dinner there was an amusing "gymkhana" in the dancing room. Wilma won the sack race.
Thursday, 31 December
After dinner there was a Fancy Dress Dance in the hotel. Pippa in a black butterfly costume, Betty as a gypsy, Nancy as a Persian lady and Wilma as Oranges and Lemons with a ? and ?
After watching this for a bit, Polly, Pippa, Betty and I and the two ?? went with others in a sleigh to the Palais Hotel Villars to a large Fancy Dress Ball. It was very crowded and very noisy. Some very fine costumes. Great festivities at midnight. We felt rather out of it, not knowing people. We managed luckily to get good seats, however, but could not get more than sandwiches.

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