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Week of 21 December, 1925

Tuesday 22 December 1925
Polly went up to Brillantmont in the evening and had an interview with Mlle Herbi.
After dinner packing till nearly midnight.
Wednesday, 23 December
Lausanne - Chesières, Grand Hotel du Chamossaire
We left Lausanne on the train supposed to start at 9.45 am but half an hour later changed at Bex with the funicular. As we went up in the funicular railway it commenced snowing  and snowed till after lunch which we had about 2 pm on our arrival at the Grand Hotel Chamossaire at Chenières. We have three rooms adjoining on the 3rd floor with fine views and a balcony to our room. Pippa and Betty have a room at end of building with windows facing both ways, Nancy and Wilma in the middle.
We took a walk round and to Villars and arranged about a skiing lesson for tomorrow.
Thursday, 24 December
Hired three luges for a week and did some luging. The four girls had a skiing lesson from 11.30 to 12.30 behind the hotel. The instructor said he thought all would do well with practice.
After lunch we went trailing. Polly rode in the sleigh, and the girls and ran on luges. I had several falls and then got into a sleigh and walked home. The girls also had several upsets. More luging on return to hotel.
After dinner there was dancing. Pippa, Nancy and Wilma danced - the former most.
Friday, 25 December
Polly, Pippa, Betty and I went in the sleigh to the 8 am Communion Service at the church at Villars, and Polly took Nancy and Wilma to the 10.30 am morning service at the same church. Pippa, Betty and I luged till they came back from church, then we went up to our room and the Xmas presents were distributed.
After an excellent lunch we went out on luges and then I had a ski lesson from 3-4 pm, and the four children also came out. I got on better than I expected and the four children had improved since yesterday.
Fine dinner - Xmas Tree - dancing afterwards - all the children danced.
Saturday, 26 December
A deplorable day- nothing doing in the way of sport. We went out walking in the rain to Villars, but everything was very miserable.
Sunday, 27 December
Pippa, Betty, Wilma and I went up to Bretaye in the funicular to ski. We all did badly as our skis were too slippery from greasing - I worst of all.

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