Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, 15 December 1925
Polly, Pippa and I went out in the bus from Trajan’s Forum to the Catacombs of St Callixtus. We were taken round by a Trappist monk who spoke French. After this we walked along the Appian Way and back to the bus at the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, and so back to Rome.
In afternoon Pippa and I went first to Cook and Sons office about a passport for Enid, then on to the Colliseum.
Wednesday, 16 December
In the afternoon Polly and Pippa went off shopping and got the tickets and sleeping tickets for tomorrow’s journey.
Thursday, 17 December
Pippa and I went to Peale’s library to return books and get our deposit back. Pippa felt rather seedy so we went back to hotel and she stayed in her room in the afternoon.
We dined at 6.30 pm and left the hotel about 7.30 for the station. We saw Enid into her sleeper in her train, then went to our train and left Pippa in the sleeper, and then Polly and I went to say goodbye to Enid whose train was to leave at 8.25 for Berlin. Our train started 8.45, Polly and Pippa together in a 2-berth sleeper - I next door with an Italian - slept well.
Our hotel at Rome was the Hotel Londra et Cargill, 23 Via Collina. Very obliging people and anxious to do all they could for us - not grasping in any way.
Friday, 18 December
In the train: Milan - Lausanne
We arrived Milan station 8.30 am where the train stopped. We had coffee and rolls and started off about 9.15 in a train that took us to Lausanne. Drove to Pension Belmont, avenue de Jurigoz, where we got 2 rooms for Polly and me on first floor and one for Pippa on the 2nd floor. Not very much snow south of the Simplon but much more to the north of it.
Saturday, 19 December
After lunch, Nancy and Wilma arrived from Château Brillantmont and Betty from La Bourdonnière. Nancy and Wilma both taller than in October. We all six went out shopping, first to get boots etc. for skiing and winter sports and provisions for tomorrow. After tea Polly took Nancy to be bobbed and this is a great success. Wilma and I went shopping to get presents for Wilma’s friends. Polly and I took Nancy and Wilma back in a taxi to their school. Nancy very pleased and excited at being bobbed, as she hated having to plait her hair.
Sunday, 20 December
Betty arrived in morning and went back to lunch. In the afternoon Betty brought some school friends to tea, and Nancy and Wilma brought some and we had a great tea party in the dining room of the pension, and games afterwards.

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