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Week of 7 December 1925 - Google Doc

Monday, 7 December 1925
I went to Cook and Sons and changed money. Exchange was lire 119 to £1. I then went to the Thermae of Domitian (National Museum of Antiquities. Polly, Pippa and Enid went out and enquired about Pippa’s fancy dress and also for a fancy dress for Betty.
Tuesday, 8 December
I went for a walk in the Borghese gardens in the afternoon.
Wednesday, 9 December
I went to the Capitoline Museum and looked at the Gallery
Thursday, 10 December
Polly, Pippa and I went by tram to St Paul’s Without the Walls, a huge basilica which was very cold.
I read solidly in the afternoon “Wanderings in the Roman Campagna” by Rodolfo Lanciani. I have also read by the same author:
The Ruins of Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome in the Light of Recent discoveries
and another book.
All excellent.
Saturday, 12 December
Polly and I visited the National Museum in the morning.
Sunday, 13 December
Polly, Pippa and I went to the church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, and then to tea at the Embassy tea rooms.

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