Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week of 30 November 1925

Monday, 30 November 1925
Dr Welsford paid us a visit and thought Pippa’s foot much better.
Wednesday, 2 December
We all four went with a lady guide to the Vatican and went through the Library, Sistine Chapel, Apartments Borghese and ??
After lunch went with a pass to the Parliament House. I went for a walk to the Forum Romanum, the Palatine … back to Piazza du Concepcion? where we met Polly and Pippa at tea. Back in a taxi.
Thursday, 3 December
Polly unable to come with us so we dispensed with a guide and Enid, Pippa and I drove to Vatican and went round the Sculpture Galleries. Very cold.
After lunch, Polly took Pippa to see Dr Welsford and he lanced Pippa’s heel. Enid went to Cook and Sons to engage a sleeping birth for journey to Berlin and Sweden
Friday, 4 December
I went out by myself in morning and went all over the Forum Romanum and the Palatine. Enid went to St Paul’s without the Wall. I walked to St Maria Maggiore and back to Piazza d’Espagna. Had tea in Via Naysmith and walked back to hotel.
Saturday, 5 December
I went to the baths of Carcella and then on along the Via Appia to the St Sebastian Gate.

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