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Week of 23 November 1925

Monday, 23 November 1925
Rapallo - Rome
Left Rapallo on 10.25 am train. Had difficulty in finding seats - at last managed to get all four of us in our own compartment and own light luggage with us. Had a good lunch at 1 pm in the restaurant car. Very interesting journey - fine and sunny at first but then very wet.
Arrived Rome 7.5 pm. Found our registered baggage had not come on the train. Tried for it later after dinner but still not arrived. I had nothing so had to sleep in shirt!
We have good rooms at the Hotel Londra, 23 Via Collina.
Tuesday, 24 November
Polly went out to get galoshes for Pippa after we had got our registered luggage from the station.
After lunch we went to St Peter’s and then to Babington’s Team Rooms, Piazza d’Espana, for tea. Pippa and Enid went home, and Polly and I went for a walk and got lost and very wet and at length managed to get back to the hotel. The difficulty in finding our way was due to our having marked the hotel in wrong place on the map of Rome!
Wednesday, 25 November 1925
We went by tram to the Capitol and visited the museum of statues and busts, etc - also walked about on the Capitol.
Lovely views of the Forum, etc.
After lunch Polly and Enid went off together to look at hotels and pensions which had been recommended by various people, and had tea at Babington’s Tea Rooms. Pippa and I went by tram to the zoo and had tea in the hotel on our return.
The food at this hotel is good; the waiting not so good. Very little sitting room accommodation in the evening after dinner.
Thursday, 26 November
We all went out with our passports (except Pippa) to report ourselves at the Police Office in the morning. After lunch we went to the Capitol and walked on alongside the Flavian Colosseum which was full of pilgrims holding services; looked at the Arch of Constantine, Arch of Titus, St Bonaventura - walked back to the Capitol and found there was a reception on at the Capitoline Museum. Had tea in Via Nazionale and walked home.
Friday, 27 November
In the morning we all went to the Picture Gallery in the Vatican.
Sunday, 29 November
Polly and Enid went to the English Church in the Via Babuino at 11 am.

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