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Week of 16 November 1925 - Google Docs

Monday, 16 November 1925
I went for a walk in the hills after a visit to the dentist to get my plate attended. I walked up to Monte Allegro where I had my lunch, and then on up to Monte Rosa and back to Rapallo by Monte Cantello and Sant’ Ambrogio.
Polly, Enid and Pippa drove to Santa Marghenta where Enid and Polly did some shopping.
Pippa’s foot still swollen.
Tuesday, 17 November
I went by bus to Portofino Vetto and walked out thence to the new signal station. Lunched there and then decided to try and get to San Fruttuoso. I followed instructions in the little guide book but got into a very bad place and after many attempts to find path climbed back to the path and got back to the Vetto Hotel. Had tea there and walked back to Rapallo.
Wednesday, 18 November 1925
Wet all day
Thursday, 19 November
In afternoon we went by bus to Portofino Vetto and left Pippa there outside the hotel to enjoy the view while Polly, Enid and I walked out to the new Signal station and back.
Tea at the Grand Hotel. Polly and I walked down to Ruta...
After dinner we went out to the cinema. An awful show. Enid and I left early, the others saw it out.
Friday, 20 November
Polly and I took our lunch and started off at 10.30 and walked to Monte Allegro _ lunched at a table in the open outside the albergo there - then walked on to Monte Rosa. Glorious views - then on by the Eastern path to Sant’ Ambrogio.
Pippa and Enid bussed to Portofino and walked out to lighthouse. Had tea at Portofino. Pippa bussed back. Enid walked from Santa Margarentha.
Saturday, 21 November
We heard the news that Queen Alexandra had died.
Sunday, 22 November
Sat out in the morning - packed in the afternoon - tea at tea shop.
After dinner Mrs Addersley gave us list of places and hotels in the Tyrol etc. she recommends us to visit.

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