Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week of 9 November 1925

Wednesday, 11 November 1925
Enid attended the Te Deum in the cathedral for Mussolini’s escape. Polly, Enid and I attended service at the English Church at 11.45 (10.45 English time) and the 2 minutes’ silence. After the session walked in the procession to the local war memorial where a wreath was deposited by the English visitors and residents.
Polly went to bed in afternoon as she had a chill. Pippa remained in bed all evening and a doctor was called to attend her foot which had become swollen from a stubbed heel.
I went for a walk alone in the afternoon towards Caravigio up in the hills.
Thursday, 12 November
I walked to San Ambrogio and on to Zoagli along paths on the hills and back by the road.
Friday, 13 November
I went off about 11 am with Capt. Waymouth in bus to Ruta and walked from there to Caravaggio, a chapel on top of a hill.
Hotel warmed for first time.
Sunday, 15 November
Enid and I went by train to Sestsi-Levanti and walked out to the promontory - found the place uninteresting and very smelly. Had lunch at a very dirty restaurant and came back directly afterwards.
We went to a good film, Peter the Great, in the evening after dinner.

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