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Week of 2 November 1925

Monday, 2 November 1925


Polly and Pippa bathed in the morning and after lunch we all three went in a bus to San Lorenzo and walked back by a path and a bye road - last part not interesting.

Tea at the usual tea shop. I went for a row by myself after tea. Polly and Pippa went up to one of the cemeteries after tea to see the graves lighted up with candles, this being All Souls' Day and a festa.

Tuesday, 3 November

Polly and Pippa bathed at the Casino and after bathing we all of us, including Enid, rowed in a boat and lunched on the beach at Parragi, then rowed on to the lighthouse at Portofino and back into Portofino where we landed and had coffee at Caffé Imperial.

Rowed back to Rapallo in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

After dinner a telegram arrived from Reg Bruce to say Winkenhurst has been let from 11th November.

Wednesday, 4 November

Italian Armistice Day

A procession was formed of the Municipal Band, the Communal Council, Facisti, school children, wounded men, etc. from the parish church to the War Memorial. Two minutes' silence (?) was observed. Then wreaths were placed on the monument and the band played patriotic airs and the school children sang patriotic songs and the procession then moved off. At 4 pm the band played for about 2 hours in front of the memorial.

Polly, Enid and I walked to the Ambrosio in the afternoon.

A very enervating day.

Thursday, 5 November

After dinner, Polly, Pippa and I went to an Italian play played by amateurs. At least half an hour's interval between the acts. We left in the second interval - an address was delivered by someone in the audience, with flag waving and facisti cheering and the "juvenista".

Friday, 6 November

Polly had her lesson as usual 6-7 pm.

I had a letter from Reg Bruce today, confirming his telegram received on Tuesday about the letting of Winkenhurst.

Saturday, 7 November

We chartered a rowing boat and took our lunch, intending to row to Chiavari, but Enid and Pippa found the swell too much so we turned back and lunched in the boat and landed about 2 pm.

I went for a walk up valley to St Maurizio di Monte and back

Sunday, 8 November

After lunch Pippa and I took the bus to Portofino Vetto, and on by road to Paraggi. Had tea there at the albergo and then walked back through Santa Margaritta to Rapallo. It came on to rain again as we left Paraggi.

Polly had a sore hill so stayed at Rapallo.

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