Saturday, November 6, 2010

Week of 26 October 1925

Monday, 26 October 1925


After lunch we took the motor bus to Porto Fino. Ethel came with us as far as St Margarita. We walked out to the lighthouse, had coffee and came back by a small steamer. Everything brilliant in the clear air and bright sun. I felt very poorly all day. Polly and Pippa went with Ethel after dinner to watch some dancing. 

Tuesday, 27 October

I sat out on a seat reading till lunch time. After lunch Pippa and Ethel Osborne went to a quiet spot and bathed. Polly and I took the little steamer to St Frutioro? Lovely coast line. Back for tea at a little tea shop. Went to dentist again.

I felt very poorly today. A large party of Irish Pilgrims arrived for the night.

Wednesday, 28 October

Place full of Irish pilgrims. After dinner the municipal band played on the front as it was the anniversary of the "March on Rome".

Thursday, 29 October

Polly and Ethel bathed about 11 am in the sea outside the Casino - brilliant sun. Pippa and I went out rowing in a boat for about 2 hours.

Friday, 30 October

After lunch I paid a short visit to the dentist and then Polly and I walked up to Montallegro and back. Had some coffee and rolls at the albergo. We walked on to the top of the ? Rosa and had a lovely view of the Fonta Bueno Valley beyond.

Pippa went with Hon. Mrs Addersley to the tennis club and played lawn tennis in the afternoon. Ethel Osborne dined with us. She is to leave for Nice tomorrow morning. Enid found she had lost a heavy fur coat which she had last had in a suitcase!

Saturday, 31 October

Polly had her Italian lesson from 5 to 6 pm as usual

Sunday, 1 November

After lunch Polly and I took a bus to Ruta, walked to Porto Fino Vetto and on to Porto Fino. Had tea at Porto Fino. Pippa played tennis at the club. Enid struck up an acquaintance with an Austrian lady and had tea with her at Rapallo.

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