Monday, December 20, 2010

Week of 16 January 1928

Monday, 16 January 1928
Edwardstone House
Betty's 19th birthday. She had several presents, stockings, gloves, sweets, etc. and was pleased with them all. She opened the parcels at breakfast.
Happy letters from Anne and Wilma at school.
Wednesday, 18 January
Pippa and Betty drove to Colchester and joined the Horsefields at the roller skating rink, and went on to tea with them afterwards.
Thursday, 19 January
I drove Pippa into Colchester station to go to London - and met Miss Helen Stutton from London and brought her back.
Friday, 20 January
Sir William and Lady Brunyate and Colonel and Mrs Kirkpatrick came to tea. Leslie was to have come to lunch but telephoned that he had got a cold.
Sunday, 22 January
Reg Bruce and Aline brought Pippa with them from London in their car at 1.45 and stayed here.
Reg and Polly managed a walk in late afternoon.

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