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Week of 7 November 1927

Monday, 7 November 1927

Edwardstone House

Lil and Roddy left in time to catch the 8.45 train. Pippa went too and brought the car back from Colchester. In the afternoon Polly and I drove to Sudbury. Called on Col. and Mrs Kirkpatrick but they were out. Went on to tea at Canon Smith's and then met Lady Ryecroft and Col. Kirkpatrick. Went into Sudbury again with Miss Perry, Betty's maths instructor after 6 pm.

Mr Hugh Parker, land agent, called in the morning about firewood.

Tuesday, 8 November

Polly and I lunched with Sir William and Lady Brungate at the Old School House, Boxford. Present also Admiral and Mrs Simpson from Stoke by Nayland and Major and Mrs Pierson Gregory from Assington Hall.

Wednesday, 9 November

Pippa and Betty went off about 12.30 pm to "Sladbury's" in the Clacton neighbourhood to a meet of the Colchester Garrison Beagles at 1.30 pm and had a grand time.

Thursday, 10 November

Polly, Pippa and Betty drove to Cambridge to see the picture exhibition of Owen Reynolds. They had a very cold drive, especially going, and were loaded with coats and rugs. I did odd jobs and walked to the rectory, Boxford, to see Revd. W.S. Andrews in afternoon.

Friday, 11 November

Polly and I attended Armistice Day service, held at the War Memorial Edwardstone.

Pippa and Betty attended the meet of the Essex and Suffolk Foxhounds at Boxford.

Saturday, 12 November

Polly and I motored to Sudbury in the morning to get money and do various errands.

Sunday, 13 November

Polly and I went to Edwardstone Church in the morning. In the afternoon we all attended Armistice Day service at Boxford. I marched down with the British Legion . A full congregation. Rectors of Boxford and Groton, our vicar and a clergyman from Woodbridge who preached. I read the lesson: John XI. 20 - 27.

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