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Week of 31 October 1927

Monday, 31October 1927

Edwardstone House

A ton of firewood, elm and oak from Messrs Granger, farmers, arrived and we split it and stood it in boot room.

Polly had breakfast in bed but got up afterwards, her cold no worse.

Tuesday, 1 November

Polly drove to Sudbury in the morning. Col. and Mrs Kirkpatrick from Sudbury called in the afternoon. Major Berners from Wolverstone called at tea time and brought his dog, a golden labrador retriever, who performed tricks and found hidden articles.

Wednesday, 2 November

Working in garden in morning. I left in car and drove to Ipswich arriving at Look and Stagg's garage at 1.30 pm when I was met by Leslie Fryer. I left car and went on with Leslie to Woodbridge where we were present at 2.15 pm at the funeral service for Gerald Porter who died on 30th October at Haughate? Bredfield? near Woodbridge. Service was in St Mary's Church. The internment took place later at Bradfield? We did not attend but went on to the old church. and saw my parents' graves. On our return to Look and Stagg's garage I found that the mechanics had found a problem. I had to leave the car and Leslie drove me home and stayed to tea.

Mr and Mrs Angus Powell had come in the afternoon and stayed for tea.

Thursday, 3 November

Heard from Look and Stagg that the car would be ready at noon, so told them we would call for it tomorrow.

Friday, 4 November

Pippa and Betty went into Ipswich by Skinners? bus, leaving 9.15, doing some shopping and bringing the car back from Look and Stagg's garage.

Saturday, 5 November

Edwardstone House - Leicester

Worked in garden in morning and left after early lunch and caught 12.53 train to town + 3.30 from St Pancras . Met by Col. Tyler. I put up at Grand Hotel and at 7.30 arrived at Leicestershire County Club where we held the 110th Infantry Brigade Annual Dinner. About 30 - 32 present. Pleasant evening. I presided and had Major Titterson on my right and Tooth on my left. Left at 4.45 pm.

Sunday, 6 November

Leicester - Edwardstone House

After breakfast I walked about town and watched church parade of Territorials and Boy Scouts and ex-servicemen.

Left hotel in time for 12.35 train but this was 1 hr 15 minutes late and 90 minutes late at St Pancras, so missed the train I intended to travel by at Liverpool St. Was met at Colchester by Pippa and Roddy in the car. Lil and Roddy had arrived on Saturday afternoon.

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