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Week of 24 October 1927

Monday, 24 October 1927
Edwardstone House
Polly and I drove to Sudbury in the morning. I visited Mr W. Kerby Perry, dentist, Gainsborough St, and left my lower denture to be altered. I drove in again in the afternoon to get the denture, and again in evening to take back the mathematical teacher who had given Betty two hours of instruction.
The frames at the back of stables were cleared out. Some rhubarb was lifted. Much sweeping of leaves. Miss Daking and Mr Stanley Daking came to tea.

Tuesday, 25 October
I worked at transporting the grass that had been cut in the bit of meadow opposite the house, to a place near the bonfire and stacking it with Atco.
After lunch Polly and I drove to Freston and were taken by Leslie to see Kitty's grave in Freston churchyard. The small cross is very simple and well done, and the little plot planted with wall flowers on each side and bulbs thickly planted in the grass and borders. We were given some pot pourri, a lot of lavender and scented geranium and a scented geranium plant. We had tea with Leslie and got back about 6 pm.
Carpenter picked the apples on the large apple tree in the kitchen garden.
Wednesday, 26 October
I drove into Sudbury to do some chores this morning. Carting grass and leaves in the wheelbarrow in the afternoon. Polly drove to Edwardstone Hall and other places to see if she could get some fire wood, and saw various people.
A youth from the wireless shop at Sudbury came in the afternoon to see if he could put our wireless set right.
Thursday, 27 October
Polly, Pippa and Betty drove to Ipswich for dentist and clothes in morning. Pippa drove to Sudbury in afternoon.
Lt. Col. and Mrs Reynolds, a Miss Hooker and Lt. Col. J. Evans came to tea from Earls Colne - also Lt. Col. and Mrs Holford from East Bergholt.
Carpenter and I worked at the West Kitchen garden. I carted manure (grass rotted by Atchko) on the ground to be dug, and Carpenter scythed grass which I cleaned up.
Friday, 28 October
Polly and I went to the blacksmith's forge at Groton, and then on to Edwardstone in morning. After an early lunch Pippa and Betty went off in the car to Wormingford Hall, Essex, to a meet of the Colchester Garrison Beagles, and had quite a good time.
Carpenter and I put up the inn standards in the big greenhouse this afternoon. Polly swept up and collected leaves into barrow.
Discussions on the wireless between Bernard Shaw and G.K. Chesterton in evening.
Saturday, 29 October
Worked on the car, put up iron curtain rods in dining room, carted leaves. Carpenter hoed a path in kitchen garden. Took up some gypso? roots and planted wallflowers in long herbaceous border. Polly did a lot of sweeping leaves and Pippa and Betty helped in afternoon.
Betty took a photo of the little Meakin children in the big wheelbarrow in the road this morning.
Sunday, 30 October
Pippa and I went to Edwardstone Church in the morning.
Betty and I did a sketch map of the meadow? in the afternoon.
Polly has a cold and had her breakfast in bed, but got up to lunch.

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