Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week of 14 November 1927

Monday, 14 November 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly drove the housemaid Doris to Colchester as she is leaving, and in afternoon fetched another girl from Brent Eleigh.

Tuesday, 15 November

Leslie motored over in the afternoon and stayed to tea. He bought us 60 "Hailsham Berry" raspberry canes for us to plant. He had his stock originally from us at Winkenhurst where we had so much of this sort, originally given us by Paul? Herring?, Rector of Hailsham.

Wednesday, 16 November

Pippa and Betty motored to Beagles meet at Langham near Boxted (Essex) - rather a poor day though.

Thursday, 17 November

Pippa was called up on telephone and invited by Mrs St Leger Gladwyn? to come for two nights so Polly drove her over to Waldingfield after tea.

Friday, 18 November

Polly and Betty drove to Bulmer to return call on Hyde Parkers - found them out.

Saturday, 19 November

Polly fetched Pippa back from Holbrook Hall and Pippa and Betty went out with the Sproughton Beagles which met at Sherbourne House (Dakin's Farm). I drove Pippa back to Holbrook Hall after tea.

Sunday, 20 November

Betty and I to Edwardstone Church in the morning.

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