Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week of 28 November 1927

Monday, 28 November 1927

Edwardstone House

I drove Polly to Colchester station in afternoon and she went up to town to stay for a few days with Gran.

I drove Miss Penny, the maths teacher, back to Sudbury after her hour's lesson with Betty.

Wednesday, 30 November

In the evening Pippa and Betty and the parlour maid and house maid drove to Edwardstone Village Hall to a performance. I stayed at home and listened to a good programme of music on the wireless.

Thursday, 1 December

Pippa and Betty took a walk in the morning, and Pippa drove to Stoke by Nayland to fetch the cook back in the afternoon.

Friday, 2 December

In the evening I drove to Colchester station to meet Polly and Margot Osborne from London.

We had a late supper and sat up rather late.

Saturday, 3 December

Leslie and Reggie Fryer came to lunch and stayed to tea.

Pippa drove into Colchester and afterwards met Molly Gorridle? at the station and brought her out in the afternoon.

Sunday, 4 December

Margot and Molly got up late. Polly and Margot went out for a little walk in the afternoon. I drove Margot and Molly to meet the 9 pm train at Ipswich.

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