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Week of 19 December 1927

Monday, 19 December 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly cancelled the trip intended to Ipswich and in the afternoon drove to Sudbury with Betty, Anne and Wilma. Pippa went off with Susan Barry to try and toboggan.

The carol singers from Boxford sang for St Leonard's? Hospital, and the carol singers from Edwardstone with Revd T.R. Brown sang for St Dunstan's and we gave them coffee and cake.

Tuesday, 20 December

Very cold.

Polly and the girls out today. Had fires in Pippa and Betty's rooms in the evening. Altogether we have 11 fires in the house today!

The thermometer on the grass at 10.30pm was reporting 25° Fahrenheit.

Wednesday, 21 December

Beautiful carols from the Chapter House Gloucester by the Cathedral Choir from 8 to 9 pm.

Thursday, 22 December

Polly met Gran and Mabel and Sparkes at the Sudbury Station and brought them back before lunch.

Betty, Anne, Wilma and I went to Sudbury in the afternoon. Shopping - market day - very crowded with Xmas shoppers.

Friday, 23 December

Much preparation of parcels for Xmas.

Saturday, 24 December

Polly went to Sudbury in the morning for shopping, leaving the girls at Edwardstone Church for Xmas decorations. Polly went out again in afternoon and left gifts at the almshouses and others. Betty, Anne and Wilma went round to leave small gifts for the Xmas stockings for the small children of ? St and to invite them to a party for next week.

Great decoration of the house in evening with holly etc., and putting up Anne and Wilma's stockings.

Sunday, 25 December

Polly, Pippa, Betty and I went to the 8 am Communion Service at Edwardstone Church, and all six of us plus Gran and Mabel went to the 11 am service. Gran not feeling well and Polly drove her home.

We had a very cheery day with a splendid dinner, and had snapdragon in the kill afterwards - blind man's buff - Sir Roger de Coverley and musical bumps.

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