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Week of 5 September 1927

Monday, 5 September 1927

Edwardstone House

I went up to town and attended the Committee Meeting of the Regt Historical Committee at the Horse Guards in the BE Library. We sat from 12 till after 2 and got through a lot of business. Rushed off to see a dentist and got a tooth drawn out by McCormick of 18a Thurloe Place. Much gas as there was an abscess.

Some rain when I reached Boxford.

Tuesday, 6 September

Polly and Gran went to Flatford Mill and East Bergholt in the morning, and in the afternoon Polly, Betty, Anne and Wilma went to Ipswich. I worked on the lights of the greenhouse all day. Mabel still has a temperature.

Wednesday, 7 September

Polly, Betty, Anne and Wilma left early in car and went up to town from Colchester - got back about 8.30. Did a lot of shopping, getting the tods' school outfits.

Dr Rix came by request and saw Mabel and strongly admired the going up of the Sheringham project for this week?? Reg Bruce rang up from Fakenham twice to hear what the plans were to be.

I worked on painting and greenhouse all day. The carpenter arrived to put in the panelling in dining room, and the bricklayer was able to get on with the fireplace.

Thursday, 8 September

Polly took Gran, Anne and Wilma to Sudbury and Waldingfield to get cash at bank and to pay a call afterwards. I worked at the greenhouse all day. The dining room fireplace practically finished today. Mabel still has a slight temp in the evening.

Reg Bruce called up on telephone from Holt this morning. Had spent the night at Blakeney and was going back to Elmhurst Farm that day.

Friday, 9 September

Polly and the 4 girls to Ipswich in the morning. Polly had a broken tooth out at the dentists. Getting clothes for Anne and Wilma and other chores.

Dr Rix came by request and saw Mabel. Pippa drove in to Sudbury after lunch to get stuff from chemist.

I worked at greenhouse lights all day. Anne and Wilma helped in the afternoon.

Saturday, 10 September

Dr Rix called again in the morning and saw Mabel. Gran collapsed and spent the day in bed.

Polly drove to Sudbury in the afternoon.

Sunday, 11 September

Polly, Anne, Wilma and I to church in morning. Writing letters. Betty and I walked down to Box stream in afternoon. Gran in bed. Mabel about the same.

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