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Week of 29 August 1927

Monday, 29 August 1927

Edwardstone House

Lovely summer day. I worked in the garden. Polly with Gran drove to Sudbury and met the Bechstein piano tuner and brought him back to tackle the piano. He says it will be a 5 or 6 day job as it is very dusty and very damp. Hasn't been overhauled since we had it in January 1909!

I brought back the 4 campers in afternoon in time for tea. They had been there since Tuesday last week and had enjoyed it. They all looked very fit. It took two trips with the car to bring them back and all their kit.

Tuesday, 30 August

Anniversary of our wedding day 1905.

Polly had tooth out last night and went to the dentist in Ipswich this morning. Anne to Mrs Harris for chiropody.

I worked on the strawberry bed , cleaning it up. In afternoon Mr Dawson of Groton House and his two daughters came for tennis and tea.

Poor Betty had a touch of the sun yesterday, she thinks, and had collywobbles. She stayed in her room and went to bed before dinner.

Wednesday, 31 August

I worked on the large greenhouse and we put up ten of the lights - repainted and glazed. Polly with Gran, Anne and Wilma took Mabel to Clacton in the afternoon to spend a night at the YWCA.

Bet got up and sat in the garden today.

Thursday, 1 September

Polly, Gran and Anne to Ipswich in the car in the morning, the two latter visiting Mrs Harris the chiropodist. Mabel was picked up at Ipswich station, returning from Clacton.

Two subalterns of the Suffolk Regt. called in the afternoon and stayed to tea on the lawn.

Polly took Gran for a drive after tea.

Friday, 2 September

The 4 girls went to the Dawsons at Groton for tennis in afternoon. I took back Mr Osborne who had been overhauling the Bechstein piano since Monday, to Sudbury station for the 4.26 train. Mabel spent the day in bed.

Saturday, 3 September

Polly drove to Sudbury in the morning. In the afternoon Pippa, Anne and Wilma drove to East Bergholt and played tennis and had tea with the Halfords at West Lodge. Pippa drove. Polly and Betty played tennis in afternoon and after tea I played with Betty. I worked at greenhouse all day till teatime.

Sunday, 4 September

I went to Edwardstone Church with Bet, Anne and Wilma. I had a toothache and was miserable all day!

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