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Week of 22 August 1927

Monday, 22 August 1927

Edwardstone House

I washed glass panes in the morning and worked in the flower garden in the afternoon.

Polly, P, B and A drove to Sudbury to see the 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment arrive. Not very exciting. Then went to look at the site for the camping out which looked dismal - but they found another site nearby which seemed better.

Tuesday, 23 August

Poly and I motored to Hadleigh in the morning and got a bell tent and some ground sheets. After lunch we went off with Pippa, Betty and Anne to see wild ground beyond Assington and pitched the tent. Polly made another trip back and brought the rest of the camping stuff. We left the girls there. A lovely place with a cottage nearby where they can get drinking water and eggs.

Wednesday, 24 August

Polly and I motored to Brook House, Thurleston for Polly to see a dressmaker in Buck Cottage - then back to Ipswich - I had haircut - then on to Leslie's house at Freston where we picked up the old Bee Hive chair of my great grandmother and brought it back. Mowing tennis lawn and mill lawn in front of house. After tea we motored to see the children in their camp and found them cooking supper.

Thursday, 25 August

I met Gran, Mabel and Sparkes at Colchester station on the 11.39 train. Polly and Mabel drove to return calls on Warburton at Little Horkesley and Rev. Buckley at Polstead - after tea they went to Edwardstone.

Wilma arrived back from over a fortnight in camp at Mildenhall. She was brought back in Lord Cadogan's ? Van by one of his daughters who was in camp with them.

Friday, 26 August

I drove Gran, Mabel and Wilma to the camping ground and we left Wilma there to join the other three girls - Tent and surroundings kept beautifully clean. We took Bet and Anne as far as Assington to get supplies at the shop there. Leslie came to lunch and stayed to tea. Polly, Gran and Mabel motored to Earls Colne to pay a visit to Lt Col and Mrs T. Reynolds.

Saturday, 27 August

I drove to Sudbury in the morning to get cash and some other things. At 2 pm Polly, Gran, Mabel and Sparkes started off in the car for Rattlesden where they left Sparkes - then on to Bury St Edmunds. They also stopped at Lavenham and saw the church. After tea at Bury they returned to Rattlesden and picked up Sparkes who was with his mother. The motor journey was through Lindsey.

I raked the path on the west of the house and put down weed killer.

Sunday, 28 August

Polly, Mabel and I to Edwardstone Church in morning. Polly and Mabel played tennis in afternoon and went on to see the campers in the evening.

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