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Week of 15 August 1927

Monday, 15 August 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly went and saw Mrs Andrews at Boxford Rectory and found out from her about a nice place near Assington where P, B and A could camp, so after lunch Owen drove Betty, Roddy and Marcus there to see it. Pippa and Anne played in a tennis tournament at Groton Vicarage in spite of the wet.

Polly and I washed glass from the ?? in the evening. I painted the lights of the ?? in the workshop.

Tuesday, 16 August

Owen took Pippa, Betty, Roddy and Marcus in his car to Walberswick in the morning. They telephoned at 7.30 to say they would be back late as they had been out in a boat. Polly, Anne and the cook to Sudbury in afternoon. I did some work in workshop and took down the net over the raspberries and other odd jobs.

Wednesday, 17 August

Polly drove into Ipswich immediately after breakfast, took Marcus Goodbody to the station, Anne to Mrs Harris for chiropody and Betty to Woolworths to get items for the camp.

Roddy and Pippa played a lot of tennis and there were doubles too. I painted the greenhouse west end.

Thursday, 18 August

Polly, Owen and Roddy went to Sudbury in the morning in our car.

Polly left in Owen's car after lunch for London. I worked at painting the greenhouse lights most of day.

Anne has a bit of a chill and stayed in bed today.

Friday, 19 August

I worked at cleaning glass and removing paint from lights of greenhouse in the workshop.

Pippa and Roddy drove into Sudbury in the afternoon and got some paint and putty for me. A representative of Chinnest, Garden and Corbet? called to make an estimate of the ? of the house contents for insurance purposes.

Saturday, 20 August

I drove Roddy to Sudbury station before noon as he was going to Cambridge. We had a puncture on the way. I met Polly at Colchester at 6.30 pm on her return from London.

Had a fire in the smoking room after lunch.

Sunday, 21 August

I went to Edwardstone Church in the morning.

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