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Week of 8 August 1927

Monday, 8 August 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly took Miss E. Browning to Colchester station and then went on shopping with Wilma.

Pippa took the car out in afternoon with Ruth, Anne and Wilma. I painted garden lights all day in the garage and workshop. We picked a lot of fine apricots this evening. Pippa and Ruth swam in the pond!

Tuesday, 9 August

Work in the garden and the car washed. After lunch Pippa took Wilma in the car to a Girl Guides camp at Broxtead near Sutton or Sutton Halt. Betty, Anne and Ruth Browning went too. On the way there they stopped at Melton and saw Miss Bird - and on way back they stopped at Woodbridge. Polly called on Helen and ? Cobbold at St John's Lodge.

Carpenter and I put down another lorry load of gravel on the path next the lawn tennis court. After tea I scythed nettles and long grass.

Wednesday, 10 August

Polly drive Pippa and Ruth Browning to Colchester station and then went on into Colchester and picked up a girl as housemaid and brought her back.

Leslie Fryer came over to lunch and brought Bingo who fought with Trotty and bit him in the back! Polly drove into Sudbury after lunch and met Miss Olson, an old governess and brought her back. Tea on lawn - Carpenter and I finished the path next the lawn tennis court - altogether it took nearly 12 cubic yards of gravel, i.e. three lorry loads of 4 cubic yards each at 7/6 per cubic yard.

The carpenter and another man from A. Stearns and Sons Ltd. came out from Ipswich - put up the bookshelf etc. in the boudoir.

Thursday, 11 August

A representative of the Sun Office came out by appointment to look over the house and outbuildings about the insurance - His terms did not satisfy us and we decided to think it over. After lunch Polly took Miss Olson in the car to Edwardstone. I helped mow the the tennis lawn. At 4 pm Polly, Bet and I went to Woodhouse, Col. Claude Harys's place, to tennis party. We did not play.

Friday, 12 August

I painted garden lights all day with Carpenter. Polly drove to Sudbury in the morning with Miss Olsen, Betty and Anne and brought back soda supplies and money! After lunch she drove Miss Olsen to Colchester station and Pippa arrived about 6 pm in Owen Reynolds's car with Owen and also Roddy LeMesurier.

Saturday, 13 August

Roddy and Bet took the car to Colchester and picked up Mr Goodbody, a friend of Roddy's who came down from town. After lunch Owen Reynolds took in his car Pippa, Betty, Anne, Roddy and Goodbody and went to Broxtead and saw Wilma in camp. Polly called on the Anndrews? at Boxford Rectory and also attended G.7.S at Edwardstone Hall grounds.

I worked at the lights off the top of the ? all day.

Sunday, 14 August

Polly, Anne, Roddy and I to Edwardstone church in morning.

Much tennis played during the day, and cleaning out duck weed from pond.

Owen Reynolds took down the wireless aerial and recentred it and connected it to house via corridor in garden hall. Much singing and gramophone after dinner.

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