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Week of 1 August 1927

Monday, 1 August 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly took Eve and Anne to Lavenham in the morning. A Mr Warburton called in the afternoon. I drove Eve and Negley to catch the 5.22 pm train. Pippa drove back.

The poor holiday-makers have had a very bad time.

Tuesday, 2 August

Polly very tired today. Pippa drove in with Anne to Sudbury in the morning to get money and various things.

In afternoon I drove out to East Bergholt with Pippa and Betty to tennis and tea at Mr Datham's. Pippa played two sets.

We opened up the silver chest today and Polly put out spoons, forks etc. for use in place of the plated stuff we have been using.

Wednesday, 3 August

Lovely summer day. Polly went round in the car to see washerwoman about taking our washing without success, and visited Mrs Carpenter, wife of the gardener. After lunch she and Pippa called on people at Assington Hall but found them out. Lt. Col. Tom and Mrs Reynolds came over from Earls Colne and stayed to tea. Carpenter and I removed all the lights (14 in number) from the top of the big ? - a long job, and Betty helped after tea. Tennis after tea: Polly, P, A and W. A lovely hot day.

Thursday, 4 August

Betty, Anne and Wilma painted the white posts and black chains and the carriage gate (and themselves!) and cleaned some of the railings.

Polly stayed in bed late. We had tea under the mulberry tree, also supper. Polly took Betty and Anne to Sudbury after tea, and saw Dr Rix who examined her and prescribed a tonic.

I was busy all day with many chores.

Friday, 5 August

Polly, Betty and Anne to Ipswich in morning. Carpenter, the gardener, and I started picking up grown path next tennis lawn and putting down gravel. Very hot work.

Saturday, 6 August

Put in heavy work putting down gravel to path next lawn tennis courts and other jobs. Pippa met train at Colchester (after a long wait) with Miss Ethel Browning and Ruth Browning.

Sunday, 7 August

Polly, Betty, Wilma and I to Edwardstone Church in morning. I read the lessons for the first time.

Polly took Miss Browning, Ruth, Anne and Betty for a tour in the car to Lavenham, Bildeston, etc. Colonel and Mrs Harvey and Capt. and Mrs G. Tooth? came in afternoon and went over house and grounds but did not stay to tea.

We had tea and supper under the mulberry tree.

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