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Week of 3 October 1927

Monday, 3 October 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly and Pippa went to Ipswich in the morning and in the afternoon drove to Bures and Castle Hedingham, and called on Mrs Sterling and Lady Ryecroft.

Started at painting ? etc. Had lumbago.

The house martins have left.

Tuesday, 4 October

I took the car to Riddlesdills garage, the fuse had blown and all five lamps were burnt out owing to the connection at the battery having corroded right through.

Mrs Reynolds and Owen Reynolds arrived just before lunch in their car from Hampstead. Owen brought the wireless set and put it up. He had had it constructed according to his own specifications. It is a four-valve set and at once he got Russia on it! The loudspeaker is very good.

Pippa and Betty swept up the leaves in front of the house and road and made it look very neat. My cold very heavy. I put thermogen coat ? on the lower part of my back, which gave relief. I painted greenhouse frames today for the last time.

Wednesday, 5 October

Polly accompanied Mrs Reynolds and Owen in the Reynolds's car to Cambridge. Left soon after breakfast and back about 6.30 pm. Pippa and Betty went to Colchester and lunched with the Horsefields, afterwards attending the opening meet of the Colchester Garrison Beagles at the Cavalry barracks at 2 pm. After the hunt they went to tea at the cavalry barracks (The Bays) and got back about 6.15 pm.

I worked in the garden, pruning and putting up ? on one of the garden ?, and painting greenhouse. All tomatoes picked and put in small greenhouse to ripen.

A great evening with the wireless.

Thursday, 6 October

Pippa and Betty motored to Ipswich in the morning. Leslie Fryer came to lunch and stayed to tea. Mrs Reynolds and Owen left soon after lunch for Hampstead. Revd. and Mrs Brown from Edwardstone Vicarage came to tea.

We potted up some ? of St Brigid anemones and some Canterbury Bells and wallflowers and put them in big greenhouse - also a box of calendula seed. In kitchen garden sowed Lamb Cuss? and Lamb's Lettuce for winter salad.

Friday, 7 October

We tried to put the battery of the wireless in series to recharge. Polly, Pippa and Betty went to Edwardstone Church with flowers and vegetables for the decorations for Harvest Festival in the morning, and in the evening they all went to the service at 7.30 pm. Polly and Betty went to Little Waldingfield to return a call in the afternoon.

We took up the antirhinums in the borders in front of the house and started putting in wallflowers. I planted some of the antisternuns elsewhere. I painted the big greenhouse in the afternoon.

Saturday, 8 October

The wallflowers were all planted out in front of house.

Pippa drove to Sudbury in the morning to get cash from the bank.

Community singing at the Albert Hall on the wireless this evening - some very good.

Polly has a beginning of a cold.

Sunday, 9 October

Polly stayed in bed all day with a very heavy cold. I went to Edwardstone Church and stayed to Communion. Went for a short walk in the fields with Tritty in the afternoon. Pippa also has a cold.

Very good wireless reception in the evening. We heard St Martin's service and also heard many places, e.g. Paris, Hamburg.

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