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Week of 10 October 1927

Monday, 10 October 1927

Edwardstone House

The electric light engine gave trouble today and would not start - also exuded oil. We got Mr Ellinger to assist and in the afternoon got it going again. I mowed the tennis lawn with the Atco mower.

Betty had a lesson from a schoolmistress from Sudbury who came out in the evening and I ran her back to Sudbury in the car.

Polly got up and came down to lunch; felt somewhat better and stayed up most of the day.

Tuesday, 11 October

Polly's cold very heavy. I mowed the lawn near house in afternoon with the Atco mower, and walked twice to Boxford during the day.

More winter cabbages planted.

Wednesday, 12 October

Polly's cold still very heavy. Pippa and Betty did not go to the meet of the Colchester Garrison beagles at Boxted as Pippa's cold still heavy.

I worked at pulling carrots. Carpenter planted some cabbages.

Trotty was absent all day and returned at teatime very lame.

Thursday, 13 October

Polly, Pippa, Betty and I motored to Colchester and went up to town by the 9.29 train. After visiting a shop for coats, Pippa and Betty went off on their own. Polly and I chose a stove for the dining room at "The Cozy Stove" in Berners St. We lunched at 15 Pelham Court with Gran and Mabel. Visited Warings for curtains. Polly then left me and went to have her hair cut.

I met Pippa and Betty in the 6.39 train at Liverpool St and we travelled down together, Polly staying on at 15 Pelham Court for the weekend.

Friday, 14 October

Lifting carrots and beetroot. Pippa and Betty motored to a meet of the Colchester Garrison Beagles at "Ritchfords", Wormingford. The Horsefields were out with the beagles too.

We put the stove in the hall fitted with the new chimney.

Saturday, 15 October

Clearing out workshop. The new "Cosy" stove for dining room arrived and was put in dining room but not properly erected.

The Austinlite engine gave trouble with the oil-fired pump. We fitted the meter to the gas generator.

Sunday, 16 October

I went to church in the morning. Very small congregation. In afternoon we first put in some patches in the hood of the car - rubber from an old tobacco pouch stuck on with Seccotin or Raulplug Durrofix - doubtful success. Then Pippa, Betty and I went for a walk via the Box Valley - a pretty walk - and got back about 5 pm.

Wrote a letter to Tooth about the fire and burglar insurance of the house and its contents.

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