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Week of 26 September 1927

Monday, 26 September 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly started off in the car after lunch with Gran, Mabel and Sparkes, and all the luggage for Colchester Station. They found on arrival that the Winter Session came on today and so all the times of trains are altered and, having to wait till 4.15, she took them up to the Trust House Hotel and then for a short drive - she visited a registry officer about servants - Mrs Dathan and Miss Lane called in the afternoon.

A new Dunlop Cord tyre fitted on the spare wheel today. I painted some of the little greenhouse and some of the big greenhouse. The tennis lawn mowed in the afternoon.

First letters from Anne and Wilma arrived today.

Tuesday, 27 September

I drove Pippa and Betty to Colchester Station and they went up to town for shopping.

Polly and I drove to Stowmarket in the afternoon to interview a potential house parlour maid but found she was away from home.

Lady Ryecroft from Sible Hedingham called.

Wednesday, 28 September

The swallows and house martins appear to have gone. Polly drove to Sudbury in morning, got flower pots and did several chores.

Mrs A St Leger Glynn from Holbrook Hall, Waldingfield, called.

Polly and I washed all the remaining glass for the greenhouse lights. I did some painting. Cuttings of penstemon taken and planted in the little ? in front of small greenhouse.

I met Pippa and Betty at Colchester Station at 7.8 pm. Pippa drove back, the first time with lights on.

Thursday, 29 September

We swept and then mowed the lawn to the west of the house. Polly drove Pippa and Betty to Colchester in the evening to stay with Captain and Mrs (Moira) Horsefield for a dance at the Officers Club. Dreadfully wet.

Large gathering of house martins, evidently about to migrate.

Friday, 30 September

Polly drove to Ipswich in the morning and brought Pippa and Betty back. Pippa drove to Sudbury in the afternoon. I worked at the greenhouse lights. We took down the tennis boundary netting and posts and and stored them away in the shed next to the large greenhouse.

Saturday, 1 October

I went into Sudbury in the car to get my pension paper signed at the bank and brought back some glass to finish the greenhouse. My cold back again.

Sunday, 2 October

Polly drove to church in the morning. I did not go as my cold was back. Windy day and milder than yesterday.

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