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Week of 4 July 1927

Monday, 4 July 1927

Edwardstone House

Netting the raspberries and other jobs - Carpets laid in some rooms and on the stairs today.

Leslie came over in the afternoon and gave Betty a ????? glass and a ring, all belonging to Kitty which she left instructions should be given to Betty who was her godchild. I motored to Colchester and met two temporary maids and brought them out.

Tuesday, 5 July

Polly drove to Colchester - did some shopping, picked up Lil Le Mesurier at Colchester station and brought her out shortly before lunch time. I motored into Sudbury after lunch to get cash and fish. I drove Lil back to Colchester station in the evening. Very hot in afternoon.

Poor Nanny remained in bed all day -earache and ?

Wednesday, 6 July

All the workmen left in the evening. A plumber and bricklayer and mate had been at work today in addition to the carpenter and two painters. There still remain the dining room fire place and the bookshelf and writing ? in the boudoir to be done. Poor Nanny still has earache and is sick and in bed.

Polly returned calls on Miss Cony at Edwardstone Place, and Rev. and Mrs Brown at the Vicarage at Edwardstone.

Thursday, 7 July

Very busy in the house all day putting up book shelves etc. Polly, Pippa, Betty and Wilma drove to Sudbury in afternoon. Anne seemed much better till towards evening when she had more ear and face ache, so Polly called up Dr Rix of Sudbury who came out in the evening and saw her. We cleared out trunks, boxes and iron bedsteads from studio and put them in the "main room" ???

Friday, 8 July

Very busy inside and out. Polly and Pippa, Betty and Wilma went into Ipswich in the afternoon. Mr Hooper and Mr Jekyll came out in the evening to arrange about the fire places in the dining room and other things. Blinds and curtains arrived and were put up.

Anne better today but has a sore throat still and remained in bed all day. A gramophone was purchased in Ipswich and Pippa bought a gate leg table for her room.

Saturday, 9 July

Very busy day in house, dining room carpet laid, etc. Polly went into Sudbury in afternoon. Anne got up and came down.

Sunday, 10 July

Polly, Betty, Wilma and I went to Edwardstone Church.

The children played tennis in the afternoon.

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