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Week of 11 July 1927

Monday, 11 July 1927

Edwardstone House

In afternoon I met Enid, nurse and grandson at Colchester station.

Tuesday, 12 July

Much work in garden.

Polly, Enid, Anne and Wilma motored to Ipswich in afternoon - Polly took Anne to Mrs Harris, the chiropodist.

Wednesday, 13 July

I motored to Sudbury in the morning with Betty, Anne and Wilma and we did a lot of chores and came back for lunch.

Colonel and Mrs Clarence Haig came in the afternoon from Woodham-Horkesley, went over the house and garden and stayed for tea.

The children all played tennis in the evening.

Thursday, 14 July

I motored to Ipswich with Betty and Anne. Anne attended Mrs Flam's for chiropody and so did I. I had hair cut - We went to Popplewell in the Woodbridge Road and got a Raleigh lady's bike for the children.

In afternoon Polly, Enid and Pippa called on Sir William and Lady Brungate and Polly called on Miss Daking.

Friday, 15 July

Polly took Enid, the nurse and baby for a drive to Sudbury - Long Melford - Lavenham in morning. Carpenter scythed the margin opposite the house and then mowed it with lawn mower. Wilma, Anne and I cleaned the railings and white posts. In afternoon mowed the tennis lawn. After tea tried to clear duck weed off pond - futile job and a great mess.

Polly took Anne into Ipswich for a treatment by Mrs Harris in the afternoon.

Saturday, 16 July

Polly went with Enid in the car to Colchester station and met Grace and Mabel from London and brought them out. I took them back in the evening and they caught the 6.24 train to town.

Major and Mrs Corry called in the afternoon and stayed for tea.

A horrid day - the lawn only partly mowed owing to wet.

Sunday, 17 July

Polly stayed in bed all day as she was very tired. Enid, Wilma and I to Edwardstone Church in the morning. A miserable wet day - relieved by Badminton in the Studio. Very cold.

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