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Week of 1 July 1927

Monday, 1 July 1927

Edwardstone House

Polly went up to London to Mr Wappett, an ear and throat specialist as Anne had had her earache etc. They caught 9.16 am from Colchester and got back about 7 pm.

Col. Halford and 2 daughters came in the afternoon and the girls played tennis.

Tuesday, 19 July

I took Anne to Ipswich in the car in the morning to have a treatment by Mrs Harris. Polly drove Enid, the nurse and baby to Bury St Edmunds and Lavenham in afternoon.

We worked in the garden in the afternoon and put down some weed killer on gravel outside drawing room and studio.

Wednesday, 20 July

I took Pippa and Betty into Colchester to catch the train at 8.16 am for London and met them in the evening. Leslie came over in the afternoon to fetch old Bingo his dog - He and Bertie and Evelyn Cobbold stayed to tea.

We had fire in smoking room.

Thursday, 21 July

After lunch I drove Enid, the nurse and baby to Colchester Station and they left for London by the 2.14 pm train. I then went on and left cards on the Queen's Bays, the Essex Regt., The Leicestershire Regt., The Suffolk Regt. and The Rifle Brigade. Back home for tea.

Pippa went in with Anne to Ipswich by bus for Anne to have a treatment by Mrs Harris.

Betty put her knee out in the afternoon, very painful, and got upstairs with great difficulty and went to bed in Pippa's room instead of her own as the bed is flatter.

Friday, 22 July

We mowed the tennis lawn and part of the other lawn. Wilma tried her hand with the Atco mower and did very well. Polly returned some calls in the afternoon and after tea went to Sudbury. Poor Bet spent her day in bed in Pippa's room. Dr Rix from Sudbury came to see her.

Changed one of the original tyres on the car today. 18,268 miles by the speedometer but in reality more as sometimes the speedometer has been out of action!

Saturday, 23 July

Polly took Pippa and Anne to Ipswich - Anne for a treatment by Mrs Harris in the morning. In afternoon Polly interviewed a prospective maid at Boxford, and Pippa drove the car with Wilma and Anne to Edwardstone Vicarage to a fĂȘte in aid of missions or something. We changed tyres as one had burst. I scythed and ? in afternoon and after tea, cutting down nettles, etc. Betty's knee better, but still swollen and painful.

Sunday, 24 July

Wilma and I to church at Edwardstone in morning. P, A and W played tennis in afternoon. I cleaned bodywork of car with Kleener and Simoning.

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