Friday, June 4, 2010

Week of 27 June 1927

Monday, 27 June 1927

Edwardstone House

The engine ran all night and the batteries were fully charged by the morning. Polly switched on the current and we tested all plugs and installed lamps in all ? Mr Jekyll came out with the carpenter and plumber - and he looked at our hot water boiler and pipes, and recommended various things. Car was washed in afternoon by Carpenter. All lamps lighted in the house in the evening. We had a fire in the smoking room all day.

Tuesday, 28 June

Polly and Betty went into Ipswich in the afternoon to do some shopping. Work steadily proceeding in the house. Water for baths very good in the evening.

Wednesday, 29 June

Eclipse of the sun - began at 5.26 am. We got up to look at it but owing to the clouds could see nothing so went to bed and slept through it all!! Polly went to Sudbury in the car to do some shopping. We said goodbye to Mr Wallace and his party who left for London having finished the electric lighting installation. A Mr Warner of Ipswich came out and gave us a demonstration of Permutet Water Softener. We had a Damper Regulator fitted on the boiler in the boiler room today.

Thursday, 30 June

I drove Polly and Pippa to Colchester station for the 9.35 am train to London and fetched Pippa back in evening. The carpets and grandfather clock etc. after restarting and training etc. Telephone extension fitted in back passage. Drawing room was covered with grey paint. Johnny Evans turned up in afternoon from Earls Colne and stayed to tea with Betty and me. Afterwards we went down to the cellar and J.E. collected innumerable newts and a few young frogs with a film of cottage, and then put them in a pond outside near the road.

Friday, 1 July

Did a lot of jobs in house and regulated the "tell-tale" of the cistern. Betty and I motored into Sudbury and did some chores. Miss C ? from Edwardstone Hall called. Polly rang up from London to say the tods had arrived safely.

Saturday, 2 July

Edwardstone House - 42 Egerton Crescent, London SW3

Busy in house and garden till afternoon - then motored to Colchester and went up to town - saw Anne and Wilma with Polly at 15 Pelham Crescent at tea, just back from a matinee. Both the children very tired after their journey of yesterday.

I attended 36 (Ulster) Div Dinner at Hotel C?. 36 present.

Sunday, 3 July

42 Egerton Crescent, London SW3 - Edwardstone House

Polly, Anne, Wilma and I travelled down by train, leaving Liverpool St at 9.45 am for Colchester, and motored out here. Children very excited with the house. Anne had a temperature and went to bed after lunch. We put up the nets for the tennis grounds in afternoon.

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