Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week of 20 June 1927

Monday, 20 June 1927

Fleece Inn, Boxford

The house a hive of industry. The carpenter from Stearns and Co. and bricklayers joined the painters and started work - also carpenter from Watson to put in hatching to lift of ?

Tuesday, 21 June

Life at the house very busy staking plants in herbaceous border.

Polly and I went to Ipswich in car.

Wednesday, 22 June

Lovely day - garden looking perfect. Johnny Evans turned up in his car and stayed about an hour and went back to Tom Reynold's house, Earls Colne. Messrs Hooker and Jekyll turned up after tea and went over the house with us and arranged many details.

Thursday, 23 June

Fleece Inn, Boxford - Edwardstone House

We moved all our belongings up to the house this morning. Polly's room with a carpet down. Pippa and Betty to sleep in the spare room. We put two wardrobes up by way of ? in small spare room as they could not be got up the stairs.

We feed in the boudoir - Polly went off to Sudbury in afternoon.

Friday, 24 June

Edwardstone House

Johnny Evans came over from Earls Colne in afternoon and was put to work in moving a bed up to the attic and fitting it up (my old barrack bedstead) - also to help in putting up Standard ?? net in the tennis courts.

Saturday, 25 June

Pippa, Betty and I went to Sudbury in the car in the morning to get various things. Very heavy in afternoon. Mr Wallam, the principal of the electric wiring firm, arrived to put up the electric lighting. Polly ran down in the car to Boxford in evening.

Sunday, 26 June

We none of us went to church or went outside the grounds. The engine of the electric installation was started to charge up the batteries which had been filled up and charged all day and all night very satisfactorily. We did a lot of work in the house.

Polly feels seedy. We had a fire in the smoking room all day.

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