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Week of 13 June 1927

Monday, 13 June 1927

Fleece Inn, Boxford

Stearns and Co's man arrived for the decorating and started work on the North East Room (the Tods? Room). The foreman for Head of Sudbury arrived with a van, and Polly and he went all over the carpets spread out on the lawn, and he measured all the rooms and the stairs, passages etc. and looked over the curtains and measured the windows. He finally took away some of the carpets to be dusted and fumigated - all the curtains and some furniture, tables, ? case, chairs etc.

Strenuous work in the garden, planting out penstimmon, clearing weeds.

Tuesday, 14 June

Cosh and Ursula turned up just before our lunch - and went hurriedly round the house and garden and after a picnic lunch went on to Oakhurst, Kent. Polly and I motored to Ipswich. I visited Mrs Harris for chiropody. We also visited Stearns and Sons for decorations and bought cans etc. at East Anglian Coop.

Wednesday, 15 June

Very busy day making list of things to do in London. Polly and I motored to Sudbury - bought some things - got cash - plants from Candy's nursery gardens. Work in house going on very well. Mr Jekyll came out and we settled various matters.

Thursday, 16 June

Fleece Inn, Boxford - 42 Egerton Crescent, London

Polly, Pippa, Betty and I went up to London. Polly stayed at 15 Pelham Crescent, P and B at 88 Onslow Gardens and I at Enid's house at Egerton Crescent. We chose fittings for electric lights and wall paper.

Friday, 17 June

42 Egerton Crescent

We were hard at work all the morning and again in the afternoon with choosing curtains, carpets, electrical fittings, etc.

Pippa and Betty went to see "Marigold" in the evening. I attended Regimental dinner at the Savoy. About 36 present.

Saturday, 18 June

London - Fleece Inn, Boxford

We were in the city in the morning choosing curtains, etc.

We left town in afternoon and got to Colchester soon after 6 pm - picked up the car and came back home.

Heavy showers during the day. We went over the house and garden on our return.

Sunday, 19 June

Fleece Inn, Boxford

Pippa with a temp of 100 and so stayed in bed. We spent day at the house and tied up flowers in garden, etc. Leslie came in the afternoon and stayed to tea.

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