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Week of 9 May 1927

Monday, 9 May 1927

East Bergholt

Polly called up Freston for news of Kitty this morning; a little easier today.

Polly, P and B and I motored to Brightlingsea. We took a rowing boat and rowed up the creek and then landed on the St Osyth side and had our lunch on the sea wall and watched the oyster catchers [?]. We then motored to Frinton where a cold sea fog came on. We ran out of this coming home via Tendring and Manningtree. Distance run about 56 miles. Pippa drove to Brightlingsea and Polly afterwards. I did some hoeing in the garden after tea.

I was last at Brightlingsea in March 1890!

Tuesday, 10 May

News about Kitty a little better.

Wrote several letters in the morning. In afternoon Polly and I motored to Freston and saw Kitty who was really wonderfully happy and laughed once or twice. P and B went for a long walk and Polly and I took a walk after tea.

Had a letter from Cosh to say a specialist had seen Charmian and said she must not return to school - must keep quiet - go to Suntgerland [??] this summer 4000-6000 ft - and then go to a family in Suntgerland [??] or to South Coast, e.g. Eastbourne.

Wednesday, 11 May

Fairly good report about Kitty. I went to Manningtree station in the car and brought back a trunk and two suitcases that had been sent on from Elmhurst Farm where we had left them last autumn.

After lunch we all drove to Ipswich where we dropped P and B to do shopping. Polly and I went on to Freston and saw Drs Titterson and Graham just after they had seen Kitty. Dr Graham, who impressed us favourably, gave no hopes of recovery but said Kitty might perhaps live for a month or die suddenly any time. We afterwards saw Kitty who was much excited.

Thursday, 12 May

Polly, Betty and I motored to Colchester and took the 9.35 am train to London. Had a puncture just before we arrived - nail in tyre. I met Ted Charrington at Winchester House, Broad St, and he gave me his advice about electric lighting tenders I had sent him to look over. I lunched at Macfisheries next door to Temple Station. Then to The Royal Academy and went round the pictures - bus to Liverpool St Station for the 5.42 pm train. Polly and Betty only just caught it and I did not see them till we got to Colchester. Polly took Betty to see a Mr Cassidy in London; did some shopping and visited Pelham Crescent. Very cold driving from Colchester. Polly left her purse bag in the train.

Wilma's thirteenth birthday.

Friday, 13 May

Kitty's condition reported about the same. Polly and I motored to Ipswich in morning and then on to Freston. Had a little talk with Kitty who was wonderfully cheerful.

In afternoon Polly and I went to tea at Mrs Batham's. I went for a walk after tea to Dedham and beyond across the marshes.

Saturday, 14 May

Busy writing all morning.

In afternoon we all went in the car to Edwardstone House. The Powells were out. Polly and the girls went over most of the house and I took some seeds and went over some of the garden with Carpenter.

Polly called up Leslie in the morning but he was out, and again in the evening and heard that Kitty was about the same - wandering a little but not when Dr Graham called to see her.

Polly and I walked to Dedham and back after tea.

Sunday, 15 May

Polly and I went to church at 11 am. Good sermon by ??, the rector - wrote letters - and after tea went to Freston. The doctors (Titterson and Graham) had tapped Kitty at 11.30 am and gave her morphine. She went off to sleep at once and was quite unconscious and was still so when we came soon after 5 pm. At 6.30 when we were about to leave a tropical rainstorm came and deluged us. Just then the nurses thought Kitty was dying so the doctor was sent for. He injected camphor but she never became conscious and was quite peaceful. We stayed till after 11 pm. She was still sleeping peacefully.

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