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Week of 30 May 1927

Monday, 30 May 1927

East Bergholt

Betty went to Ipswich in bus to Dentist. Pippa and I in car to Colchester station. Met Polly and man from Spensers, the gas people. We all drive to Edwardstone House where the man inspected the gas arrangements for cooking purposes. We looked at the articles for sale tomorrow. Back via Colchester and dropped the Spenser's man at the station. P and B played tennis at the Halfords in the afternoon. Polly and I drove to Ipswich and bought more copies of Weekly Dispatch for Pippa and her crossword puzzle coupons. Altogether 66 copies purchased!

Tuesday, 31 May

We all four drive over to Edwardstone House to attend the sale of surplus furniture etc. held by the Powells. We bought a hanging cupboard and two mirrors - and for Pippa a painted chest of drawers that could be used for a dressing table - and for Betty an old bread trough. We left some suitcases at the Fleece Inn. We had lunch by the roadside after the sale. Polly and I went for a walk after dinner to Flatford bridge.

Wednesday, 1 June

East Bergholt - Fleece Inn, Boxford

We all motored across to Edwardstone House and met Mr Hooper the architect and Mr Watson a builder, and went carefully over the whole house, noting each room and item. The cisterns were cleaned out and one found to leak and will have to be removed.

Polly and I drove back to East Bergholt in van and brought a lot more luggage and dumped it at Edwardstone. We have three rooms at the Fleece Inn - cooking and supper quite good.

Very wet all day.

Thursday, 2 June

Fleece Inn, Boxford

We worked in the garden till about 3.30 pm when the furniture arrived. The first thing unloaded and brought into the house was mother's old writing table, which now goes in the hall. Everything was unloaded by about 7 pm and the lorry and trailer went off to London again to bring the rest of the furniture.

Friday, 3 June

I drove over to East Bergholt to fetch the rest of our stuff we had left behind. We lunched at Edwardstone House and afterwards Polly and Betty drove into Ipswich. Mr Watson came out in the morning from Stoke by Nayland to see about the cisterns. Two new ones are required. He cannot undertake the ?? work. Polly saw Stearn and Co. of Ipswich about this. Pippa and I mowed the tennis lawn until the lorries with furniture arrived about 3.30 pm. Everything was got into the house by about 8 pm and beds put together etc.We got back to the Inn after 9 pm.

Saturday, 4 June

We were up at the house all day at Edwardstone. The Atco mower arrived and was demonstrated and left with us, and Carpenter mowed all the grass at once.

I washed the car in the evening. We had lunch in "smoking" room, also tea.

Polly went to Sudbury in afternoon and bought some food and also visited a nursery garden about plants for bedding.

Sunday, 5 June

Polly and I attended the early service at Boxford Church at 8 am. We spent the whole day at the house working in the garden , hoeing, sowing seeds, planting, etc. Pippa and Betty put books back into big bookcase in smoking room. We had lunch and tea in smoking room.

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