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Week of 25 April 1927

Monday, 25 April 1927

East Bergholt

News about Kitty about the same. Pippa and Betty went off with Owen Reynolds about 9.15 am for London via Cambridge in his car. Polly and I motored to Boxford. Polly interviewed about a servant at Coe, the Cobblers - then to Edwardstone House to see the "handyman" carpenter about faggots and garden. We were asked by W.J.R Ellinger to be allowed to tender for electric lighting - then to Edwardstone to see a temporary cook and charwoman. After lunch to Ipswich to get a cheque cashed. Visited Ransomes about mowing machines and Eastern Counties Farmers Co-op (Mr W.H. Crates) about machines, tools, etc. Then to Freston, saw Kitty - looking about the same - had tea - Kenny rectified carburettor for us.

A walk before dinner.

Tuesday, 26 April

I went round the car with the grease can in the morning. After lunch I motored to Freston and spent the afternoon there, returning about 7 pm, as Kenny had gone up to London and I could be at hand to help to move Kitty if required. Kitty was rather wretched and we moved her. After tea she was better. I talked to her for some time.

Wednesday, 27 April

Polly and I to Colchester station. She went up to town by 9.36 train. I took car to garage - carburettor trouble - but this was not put quite right so on my return to East Bergholt had to go to another garage. I cleaned the engine etc. in afternoon.

Rang up Leslie - was told that Kitty had slept fairly well - right lung more affected - pulse spasmodic and not healthy - fairly comfortable though.

I did not go over to see her today. We received estimates for electric lights.

Thursday, 28 April

I motored over to Freston in morning and sat with Kitty, who was about the same; comfortable, rather flushed.

In afternoon I went for a long walk to Shotley. Polly rang me up on telephone and said they would not come back today as arranged, but tomorrow instead.

Friday, 29 April

I motored over to Freston and Kenny and I sat with Kitty for quite half an hour and talked. She was feeling much better, I am told, and the doctor when he saw her yesterday evening was quite surprised to find an improvement.

I stopped to lunch at Freston and came back about 3 pm. I started the engine of the car to set off to Colchester about 6.15 pm and found it making a very queer noise and great vibration and feared it might be risky to use it - sent Mr Tricker with his Ford car to fetch them from the station.

Saturday, 30 April

We found nothing wrong with the car. Polly and I went for a walk in the afternoon. After tea motored to Freston. We found Kitty very ? and talking about death. Polly stayed with her for some time. Dr Titterson paid his daily visit while we were there.

Sunday, 1 May

Polly and I to church in morning. Mr Ellinger of Edwardstone came by appointment at 2.30 to talk to us about Kohler Light.

Polly, Pippa and I in the car to Freston. Pippa drove the car and did very well. We found Kitty looking better and had a talk. Then on to Sproughton and had tea with Bertie and Evelyn Cobbold. Polly and I had a walk before dinner.

Betty stayed indoors today with a cold.

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