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Week of 18 April 1927

Monday, 18 April 1927

East Bergholt

Morning spent in writing and odd jobs. Kenny came over after lunch and went on with us four in our car to Edwardstone House, and all went over it and the garden. Back here for tea - then Kenny went back. Betty and I walked to Dedham and Stratford St Mary before dinner.

Kitty, who we did not see today, was about the same, rather drowsy, the swelling spreading.

Tuesday, 19 April

The account from Freston about Kitty was about the same. Polly, the two girls and I went off in the car and took our lunch. First went to Shotley and then to Pin Mill where we lunched - It was high tide - Then to Freston. Polly went up to see Kitty who was asleep at first - but when she woke up she was very interested in all our doings. We came back to tea.

Owen Reynolds turned up at tea time in his car from Oulton Broad. We all went down to Flatford after tea.

Wednesday, 20 April

Report about Kitty about the same. Pippa and Betty went with Owen Reynolds in his car to Edwardstone House and looked all over it.

Polly and I went to Freston in the afternoon and found Kitty had had another attack in the morning and that the doctor had been telephoned. We saw her for a short time and she talked with quite a strong voice, but the nurse said she was much weaker and shortened our visit.

Tooth spoke on the telephone to us about the legal work of the contract of the house, especially the drains and cesspool.

I saw the first swallow this evening.

Thursday, 21 April

Polly, Betty and I motored to Edwardstone House. I went across to Beech House and saw Mr W. Dyer and got him to sign an agreement about the drain and cesspool as advised by Mr Tooth. We also visited the Dakings, farmers, as we feared they were going to sell the meadow and/or ?? just north of Edwardstone House for building - arranged to visit them again on Saturday. In afternoon Pippa and Betty went with Owen in his car to Ipswich. Polly and I to Freston. We could not see Kitty, she was too weak. and Leslie said she was sinking. We came back to tea and took a short walk afterwards. Music with ukelele and piano after dinner!

It was a most lovely day.

Friday, 22 April

Leslie reported that poor Kitty was not comfortable - temp and pulse about the same. We said we would not visit them today. Polly, P+B and I to Ipswich to get driving licences for P+B. In the evening Owen Reynolds who had been painting at Flatford Mill all morning took P+B for lessons in driving in our car. Polly and I took a walk to Stratford St Mary, Dedham etc. in the afternoon, and after tea I walked to Holton St Mary.

P, B and Owen Reynolds motored to a cinema at Manningtree after dinner.

Saturday, 23 April

Pippa and Betty went off with Owen Reynolds in his car and took their lunch. They visited Sudbury, Long Melford and Bury St Edmunds. Polly and I motored to Freston and saw Kitty. She was very uncomfortable but talked with a strong voice. Roddy arrived from Cambridge. Polly and I motored after tea to Edwardstone House to see the brothers Daking, farmers, about the meadow next door to Edwardstone House which we feared might be sold for building. They reassured us that they were not going to sell, and if they were, they would give us the refusal. The two girls, Roddy and Owen went for a walk after tea. Polly and I took a walk on our return from Edwardstone.

Sunday, 24 April

Polly and I went to church in the morning; no sermon! P+B, Roddy and Owen went out in the Standard, and again in the evening. Polly and I took a walk after tea.

Kenny's report from Freston said Kitty was about the same.

Roddy left after dinner to drive back to Cambridge.

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