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Week of 11 April 1927

Monday, 11 April 1927

Bethersden - East Bergholt

Called up Freston on telephone and heard Kitty was weaker. I left in the car about 10.30 and arrived Colchester 3.10 pm - waited at the station till Polly arrived by 3.48 train. We then came on to East Bergholt. After tea we motored to Freston and saw Kitty much weaker and changed - thinner in the face - breathing not laboured, wonderfully cheerful but evidently failing. She does not suffer and is wandering at times. Leslie looked very frail and tired. Reg Fryer, who arrived on Saturday from Newcastle-on-Tyne, very cut up. Kenny left this morning from Walford. Kitty asked after our news and was interested in everything - but very weak.

Tuesday, 12 April -

East Bergholt

Leslie reported that Kitty was not so comfortable - her pulse very low - about 36. Polly and I did letter writing in morning and after lunch motored to Ipswich - interviewed Mr Wood of Wood and Co. Electrical Engineers, 4 Northgate St, about making an estimate for electrical installations. We also did other chores - went on to Freston - found Kitty not so comfortable and she is now very difficult to move, being nearly twice as heavy as she used to be owing to the dropsy. Both Leslie and Reg find it very difficult to lift her without hurting her. We spent some quarter of an hour talking to Kitty after we had had tea. She was rather flushed and very weak. I went for a walk before dinner on our return.

Wednesday, 13 April

Leslie said Kitty had slept 2 hours last night - they had made her more comfortable after we left yesterday - Pulse 38 - depressed. Letter from Pippa this morning. We motored to Parkestone to find out about time of arrival of the steamer with Pippa and Betty on Friday next - and about how to get the baggage etc.

Lovely sunny morning - we went on to Dovercourt afterwards - back to lunch. I washed the car in afternoon and after tea we motored to Freston and saw Kitty. She had just been asleep - very weak and tired.

Thursday, 14 April

Leslie reports about Kitty - no great change from yesterday - if possible a little better. Polly and I motored to Edwardstone and met by appointment Mr Wood, electrician, and went over the house with a view to an estimate.

In afternoon we went to Freston. Kenny had just arrived. Reg was to be here tomorrow morning. We saw Kitty who was looking a little better than yesterday.

Back here to tea and walked to Flatford Mill afterwards.

Friday, 15 April

Polly and I motored to Freston in the morning and saw Kitty. She talked with animation but looked weaker and the nurses say the swelling has increased. We came back to lunch and I attended church from 2 to 3 - the last hour of the 3 hour seminar. We motored to Parkestone and found out that the steamer from Flushing was not expected till 7.30. We had tea at the hotel and walked along the quays till the steamer arrived. Pippa and Bet were among the last to come off and we began to be nervous that they had not come. They both looked well - had been sick just part of the voyage. Betty had been out of England since September 1925 and Pippa since October 1925.

Saturday, 16 April

Report from Leslie about Kitty - no change. I went in the car with Pippa to Parkestone and fetched the heavy luggage. After tea we all four went in the car to Freston, and Polly and I saw Kitty, who was not so well or as happy as yesterday. We also saw Dr Tillerson who told us that much depended on the spread of the dropsy, and that she might continue alive for a month or perhaps only a few days - that he had no doubt there was a growth or something at the apex of the lung, but of course operation was out of the question.

After dinner we all went out for a walk in the moonlight.

Sunday, 17 April

Polly and I went to early service at 8 o'clock. Pippa and Betty went off after breakfast with rucksack and lunch for a long walk and did not get back till alter 7 pm. They walked to Boxford and then on to look at Edwardstone House. They got a ride back as far as Stratford St Mary in a motor. They liked the look of the new house. Polly and I did not go to church again. I wrote several letters and Polly rested before lunch. In afternoon we motored over to Freston and saw Kitty - much the same as yesterday. I went for a walk after tea to Dedham Mill Bridge and back over the marshes.

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