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Week of 21 March 1927

Monday, 21 March 1927

East Bergholt

Polly rang up Leslie and ascertained that Kit was about the same. Not a very good night. We went over and both of us saw Kitty who is very weak but wonderfully interested in everything. We then went on to Pin Mill and had our lunch sitting on a beach by the river (high tide). Then back to Ipswich for an interview, as we had previously arranged, with Mr Harold Hooper, an architect, who agreed to go and visit Edwardstone House to give us an idea of its value and condition.

We then motored to Shotley, watched the boys at play...... Then motored back via Erwarton and Stutton. I took a walk before dinner.

Tuesday, 22 March

Kitty much better today when we visited her in the afternoon. Had slept during the morning.

We visited Mr Harold Hooper, architect, at Ipswich. He had inspected Edwardstone House this morning and was frankly pleased with it, and considered it well worth the sum asked for it by the owner. We at once went to see Mr H.A. Cobbe and authorised him to make an offer to the agent of the owner for the amount asked for - but to include the land [?] in the house [?] and to ask to have possession at an early date.

Wednesday, 23 March

Good news by telephone about Kitty - had a better night - temp and pulse better. Dr Brown sent instructions about medicines and said he would not visit again just yet - which is comforting news. Polly had conversation with Mr Olivier of Sudbury re Edwardstone House - very reassuring.

We went over to Freston and saw Kitty, looking very much better, full of interest in everything.

Back to tea - washed the car afterwards and went for a walk.

Thursday, 24 March

Polly called up Leslie and had a good account of Kitty. We motored to Sudbury and had interview with Mr P. Oliver and then went to Edwardstone House and were met by decided refusal to give permission before 24th June. However Polly talked them into changing the date to 1st June. We then went over the house with measuring tape and took down particulars of room, etc. Then went round outbuildings and garden, and were very cheered with it all. I interviewed ... Carpenter, the odd man, and assumed I could take him on when we take over the house.

We came back to lunch and telephoned to Mr Oliver, asking him to arrange for a man to test drains and other [?] of nature. We had tea with Bertie and Evelyn Cobbold at the Rectory, Sproughton.

Friday, 25 March

Heard from Mr Oliver that he had arranged for a man at Sudbury to test drains and water at Edwardstone House this morning and also had a wire from Mr Hooper of Ipswich that he was doing these tests, so we motored to the house and found that Mr Hooper had arranged matters and he was doing it.

Had a talk with Mr Watson of Stoke by Nayland, a builder.

In afternoon, we listened in to the Grand National which was won by "Spring", a horse owned (but not ridden) by Mrs Partridge, a lady of 75!

We went over to Freston. Kitty was very depressed. The local doctor examined her and said the left lung had 2 inches of [?] due to liquid, and a [??] in one leg. Kenny arrived from Southend.

Saturday, 26 March

Polly called up Leslie and heard that Kitty had slept well - temp and pulse good. We had telegram to say water in the well at Edwardstone House was [?] and pure - and Mr Hooker told us on the telephone that the drains there which had been tested yesterday were alright.

We had a new belt put on the speedometer of the car - the old one was lost. We washed the car before lunch.

In afternoon we paid a call and after tea motored over to Freston. Kitty did not look so well and seemed weaker and despondent, but we had a long talk with her and she was very interested in all news. Leslie called us up after dinner after the doctor's visit - said pulse was only 48, lung no worse than yesterday though, breathing not so good.

Sunday, 27 March

We motored over to Freston arriving about 11.30. Drs Brown and Titterton examined Kitty and removed 1 1/2 pints of fluid from the left lung. Dr Brown said the [?] on the legs was a bad sign but might be accounted for by the fluid in the lung. We realised that not much hope could be entertained of a real improvement. We did not see Kitty today.

In the afternoon we wrote letters. Then, when a thunderstorm had finished, we walked over to Orve's Farm and had tea with Lt. Col and Mrs Dodgson - and afterwards went to evening service in the church.

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