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Week of 14 March 1927

Monday, 14 March 1927

East Bergholt

We ran in the car to look at country SE of Hadleigh, then back via Capel St Mary and went over the Old Rectory which we had looked at before on 19th Feb. Back to lunch.

In the afternoon we motored to Dovercourt and back. Very cold and dour.

Tuesday, 15 March

We motored through Colchester to East Mersea and looked at the [?] and laid up yachts and at "The Firs" - a house that we had been given particulars of. It has been sold. We then motored on to Wickham Bishops and lunched in the car outside "The Old Rectory" which we had visited before on 21st February. We did not go inside the house. We returned via Witham and Colchester, and washed the car before putting her away.

Polly talked to Kenny on the telephone this morning. Fairly good news of Kitty

Wednesday, 16 March

Polly spoke to Leslie on telephone morning and evening. News of Kitty not so satisfactory.

We motored to Bungay via Ipswich, Woodbridge [?], Halesworth, etc. Stopped at Yoxford to enquire at "The Grove" about C.H. Lomax who is ill in London.

We visited "Rose Hall" Bungay - Mrs Boycott, a fine old lady of 87; then on to "The Pines" Mettingham which I liked very much. Got back about 6 pm.

Distance: 108 miles

Thursday, 17 March

Not a very good report of Kitty. Polly and I motored into Ipswich and saw Mr H.A. Cobbe by appointment and had a conversation re Edwardstone House - finally arranged that he should ask Mr Olliver to inquire of Mr Powell if we could have the house surveyed by an independent surveyor.

We then went to Freston and saw Kitty. We ate our lunch with Leslie and then motored to Melton and saw Mrs Bird - then on to Melton old churchyard to see the graves - and next to Eyke to see Nano's [?] grave - then back via "The Rookery" Eyke to East Bergholt.

Wrote letters after tea and walked to Flatford Mill and in the meadows on south side of river by the marshes. Letter from Pippa today.

Friday, 17 March

Leslie gave us bad news of Kit when we telephoned this morning. She had bad attack last night and retching but had slept well. We motored over before lunch and were at Freston when the doctor came. A consultation was decided on and another nurse arranged for. We came back to lunch and went over again after tea when Dr Adye and the local doctor both visited Kitty together. Ken arrived at that moment from Southend and the second nurse arrived. The doctors examined Kitty and came down and told us that they could not hold out hope of recovery, but could not say when the end might come.

We rang up Cosh about 9 pm and told him the state of affairs.

Saturday, 19 March

Polly and I went over to Freston in the morning and saw Kitty. Looking better than when we last saw her and this was after she had been examined by Dr Brown. He left a new prescription for her. He was less pessimistic than Dr Adye.

We found a wire from Cosh on our return to say he would come over from Bethesden. He arrived at 3.30 and after tea we took him over to see Kitty. We came back to dinner and then Cosh and I walked over to Stratford St Mary for him to see Dr Francey, the Secretary of the Suffolk and Essex Hunt. Mr Prothy, the Chairman of the Committee, was also there. We put up Cosh at our little lodgings.

Kitty was wonderfully cheery today and we all felt cheered, but we realise that the doctors really do not think there is any real change for the better. Dr Brown says that although she might get better than she is now, she might pass away suddenly at any time - and even in her sleep.

Sunday, 20 March

We took Cosh over in our car to Freston and he and Polly each visited Kitty, who in spite of a bad night was quite herself and very cheery in spite of the breathlessness.

Cosh left after lunch at 2 pm. The Secretary (Dr Francey) of the S + E Hunt came in before lunch to see Cosh again and talk over matters. A most lovely warm sunny day.

Polly and I went for a walk in the afternoon over the marshes towards Dedham.

We went to the evening service at the church at East Bergholt.

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